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 Where ever the wind blows (open)

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Seira Sūn
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PostSubject: Where ever the wind blows (open)   Mon May 06, 2013 3:47 pm

Seira walked through the busy streets going nowhere in particular. It was her day off and she had decided to spend it exploring the capital. On nearly every street corner there were carts selling something, either food or trinkets. 'Wow...' she thought as she turned another street and ran into another swarm of pedestrians. She went onto a street corner and pushed through the crowd until a she was pushed into a door way. She looked at the door and found that the writing was illegible and she suddenly had a feeling that she shouldn't go in. Looking around, she bit her lip. 'I'll be dangerous for a day.' she thought as she pushed the door open.
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Where ever the wind blows (open)
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