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 Let It Not Be Said...(Open)

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Mei Fong
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PostSubject: Let It Not Be Said...(Open)   Thu Oct 30, 2014 12:51 pm

Deflect, dodge, duck, counterattack, jab, cross, roundhouse, downward axe kick.

Pain, momentary but blinding, was that a knife? It's aching now.

Don't look, fight the pain, keep on fighting.

Another sharp pain, don't give in, kill them, crush them, burn them all to ashes.

Taste of blood, like copper or iron.

Vision failing, can't give in, nearly there, nearly...nearly.....


The sun-heated ground was comfortable, a comfort.

He planted a hand on the ground and pushed himself up, the other man was down too. Who cares who he was, dead now. Mei looked toward the sky over the capital, when did he get here? How? Why? For what?


What year was it? Month? Day?

Steps into the future led him into the winding streets, bleeding, blissfully unaware of it. Needed time, time to...time to think of the whys, the whens, and the whats.


"Strength, Honor, Loyalty, Integrity, Pride. The Glory of the Fire Nation is not measured in riches, but by the morals of it's citizens, one bad apple stains our names, and must be crushed without hesitation." - General Mei Fong
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PostSubject: Re: Let It Not Be Said...(Open)   Fri Oct 31, 2014 7:58 am

Katsuo Raiden, son of Tarek and prince of the Fire Nation, was not one to stay in the Royal Palace all day.  He liked to get out and so it wasn’t rare to find him wandering the streets of the Capital.  Today was one such day. It was a regular day by all accounts, a warm sun, a cool breeze, the smell of freshly baked bread from the Royal Bakery and…the sounds of a nearby brawl?  “huh…” said Katsuo to himself as he stopped in his tracks.  The young spy immediately looked around, was someone being assaulted?  Or mugged?  He had to see if he could help.  

Katsuo followed the sounds as best he could until he finally came across two men laying on the ground.  He immediately knelt down besides the man who, from the looks of it, was trying to get up.  “Are you okay?” asked Katsuo, as he moved to help the man to his feet.  Suddenly Katsuo’s eyes widened.  “Mei?” he asked in disbelief, “General Mei!?”

Katsuo (18)

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Let It Not Be Said...(Open)
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