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 Leaves in the Wind [OPEN]

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Mei Lien
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PostSubject: Leaves in the Wind [OPEN]   Thu Oct 16, 2014 1:44 pm

Morning came among with the Eastern Air Temple, a golden sun beamed across the vast spire towers and the dawn fog dissipated as the warm pierced through it.

A horn blares into the air, awakening the children of the temple...except one. A knock on the door follows a strong woman's voice.

Eyes flustering open, a young girl lifted up.

"Ugh, morning already?"

Letting out a big yawn, she walked over to her fallen clothes. Slipping them back on and stepping into her knee length boots, she hurries to the courtyard where the other Air Nomad children gather.

Ready to learn the next bending lesson...
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Leaves in the Wind [OPEN]
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