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 Kori tetsuki

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PostSubject: Kori tetsuki   Tue Dec 08, 2015 8:54 pm

Full name:kori tetsuki




Birth place:ba sing se

Position: none as of now

Training:sand sack throw,sand punching and rock armour

Personality:calm,cool and mysterious

Abilities: earth block,earth column and earth gauntlet

Appearance:his body type is a mesomorph and his body shape is a spoon shape,he also wears a green robe




Hair:jet black


History:not much is known about him,other than his goal is to become stronger and is currently in training
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PostSubject: Re: Kori tetsuki   Wed Dec 09, 2015 6:20 am

P.s he has a straight shag hairstyle
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PostSubject: Re: Kori tetsuki   Thu Dec 17, 2015 4:56 pm

Hey! My name is Kyorin. I don't have any moderator or admin powers bestowed upon me by our Goddess Zulera, but I do kind of look over the site. It's been dormant because of the lack of people and hype about the avatar universe. I'm glad you are so willing to rp with us, but a few things first.

First, Your character sheet there is looking... like nothing. It's bare, it has nothing. Really build your character. The history is the biggest thing, in my opinion. Just because nobody knows about your character doesn't mean you hide his history. Write it all there. If you want some examples, here are some of mine: Auron Snow, Kyorin Acer, Sabastion     Also, don't make multiple threads for your character sheet, and don't P.S. anything. Just, edit it all in there.

Second: You can't start role-playing until you have been approved. We can't have literal gods be created and then storm out there. Everything has to be complete and within this reality. Also, if a thread has someones name after it, say, [Kyorin], then that means that that thread is between the author and them. No one else. SO, it's inappropriate to just barge into one like you did for Up from the Grave

Thirdly: Capitalize. Those. Words. xD Making things look more professional can make them more engaging to read. And that all starts with just grammar works.

Beware a man with nothing to lose.
                                               -Kyorin Acer
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PostSubject: Re: Kori tetsuki   

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Kori tetsuki
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