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 In the Streets [OPEN]

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PostSubject: In the Streets [OPEN]   Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:04 pm

Azalea Nalei Ushiia

Azalea was seriously bored. No one even glanced at her as she roamed around the Northern Water Tribe, looking for something to do. She was never bored, so the feeling was odd to her, and she had no idea what to do. She had been walking around the place for half an hour. The most interesting thing she had found was an alley she hadn't seemed to notice before. The alley was rather dark, and very few people visited it. The ones who did visit, though, looked like they'd murder you on the spot. Or maybe they just looked seriously intimidating.

As she stepped into the alley, it seemed even more darker. Was she hallucinating? "I hope not," she muttered as she continued walking. A few more steps and there was light. Literally. It was like someone had pressed a switch, causing the alley to be lit. The light had a slight effect to the alley, but it didn't make the alley more beautiful. With the light, you could clearly see that the alley was full of dangerous people. Aza gulped and continued walking, avoiding eye contact. She had just wanted to look around, and she ended up... here.

There were fewer people in that part of the alley. And the people didn't seem too dangerous now, but her guard was up just in case something funny happens. As she got deeper into the alley, she noticed that there were very few people now, around three or four, including her. Then she heard footsteps behind her. Being the panicky girl she is, she whipped around and drenched Whoever-It-Was. She looked down and frowned. The person didn't look dangerous. "Sorry," she said, "I just thought... Her words slowly faded away as the person started to get up.

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Kashikoi Kai
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PostSubject: Re: In the Streets [OPEN]   Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:57 pm

Kashikoi inside his fire nation blimp with him sitting down on his arm rest chair looking straight ahead with his mask and fire nation uniform on. Kashikoi raised up from his arm rested chair as he stood up with his arms to his back like a high ranked officer would be position in his current position. Kashikoi walked over to his long table with a huge map view of where the whole territory of the fire nation, earth kingdom, air nomad and the water tribe. A fire nation soldier stood next to Kashikoi telling him that we are almost close to the north water tribe whole terrain. Kashikoi knew a lot about where each certain area was at, for he has been to those places many times before but as a tea seller who fits well in crowds. Kashikoi looked at the map carefully knowing where exactly they were heading at. The fire nation soldier who was right next to him spoke to Kashikoi in a strong voice that is also calm.

"Admiral, why are you doing this...."

Kashikoi looked at him through the mask that he was wearing, seeing him straight in the eyes wondering what he was talking about.

"What do you mean?"

The fire nation soldier looked on the floor with sweat drips coming off the side of his face being a bit nervous in asking the question but then saying it anyway out of curiosity.

"Admiral, Why do you want war to come into our lives again...."

Kashikoi walked over to the horizontal small frame window which was about 7 feet long. Kashikoi seeing his reflection in the mirror of him wearing the mask with his arms to his back as usual.

"You really think they want you know how much men we have lost over the years of war..... do you know how many countless of them fought for the fire nation and have died for protecting it.... Having a peace treaty doesn't fix the suffering that our nation as had. Those soldiers didn't give their lives for no reason."

Kashikoi standing there tall as another fire nation soldier saying out of nowhere that they finally arrived at the north water tribe. Rope was dangling down trying to reach to the ceiling of a building that had an alley way. The blimp going more downer as the rope was touching the building. Kashikoi quickly opened the small hatchet and quickly slide down the rope making his way down fast. He quickly took the roof door that was on the top floor taking his staircase down the place. The blimp flying into the air being concealed by the clouds as the rope going back to the blimp again. Kashikoi stopped in the staircase taking off his fire nation admiral clothing and mask leaving it there in the staircase. Underneath that was his tea uniform and hat that we wore, along with his shoulder bag. He placed his mask and cloths in the bag continuing his run through the stairs. he closed the bag being zipped up all the way having him make it to an alley door way. He opened the door walking out casual as he went deep inside the alley way. He saw a girl running away into the alley as Kashikoi got closer to her reaching out his hand to the frighten girl.

"I'm sorry, did i frightened you?"
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In the Streets [OPEN]
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