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 Um. A little help would be appropriate. (open)

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PostSubject: Um. A little help would be appropriate. (open)   Fri May 17, 2013 12:28 am

Wuliao yawned as she opened her eyes. It had been a nice sleep she had, things were largely peaceful, even after the Southern chief disappeared. It was like it didn't even happen. Wuliao looked around. It felt like she was moving, but she wasn't walking. She tried to move her hands, but they where bound. Her legs where as well. She tiled her head to the right to see where she was- oh, she was tied to log. Sweet. She sighed, not another hostage situation. These guys probably thought she was about to become the next chief or something, which wasn't true. Wu just couldn't see herself in an absolute leadership position, so she declined the offer. She was such a heavy sleeper they could have broken half the things in her room before she even stirred. Her eyes looked over to a man who was carrying her.

"Your prisoner has awaken." She said, monotone. "Now give her a cigarette, I'm not going to answer or do anything until you do." The man just looked to her with a sneer. Wu only chuckled. "I really hope you know what you're in for because I'm killing you first if you don't give me a goddamn cigarette by the time we get to where we're going." So they trugged along the path, where they would bring the general for her interrogation.
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PostSubject: Re: Um. A little help would be appropriate. (open)   Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:26 pm

It was nearing twilight and the tracks were fresh, if there is one thing Malgoth knew it was this country, he had fought in it for nearly twenty years. His body in a full set of armor his weapons Vermin fate and innocent Vengence in each hand, with the axe in the right and the sword in the left. At his back were ten of the best southern water tribe warriors he had and they could barely keep up with the old man. They were taking the winding trail like idiots, and all of a sudden he got an idea, winding path was made winding by walls of ice and snow drifts. Nobody took his people... he felt that old rage he used to get well up inside of him, he knew he wasn't far behind him. "FOLLOW ME BOYS WE GOT SOME HEADS TO REMOVE HAHAHAHA" In true bloody giant style he pivoted and went straight through one of three walls of ice and snow separating him and his vice chieftain. the ground would rumble underneath those kidnappers feet.

Using his bending to simply crash through the walls he slyly coated both his blades with water just a thin layer as he went through the second wall with a large crash his men running behind him with a renewed vigor. He could feel them in his territory, bad people, no one kidnaps someone with good intentions. Bullies, people who lord their strength over everyone else, Malgoth hated them the most. So as he entered that third wall he would do a crow hop as the layer of snow and ice thinned throw a thick viel of water out in a heavy burst into them this was a simple shock tactic so as they would take a few steps toward the opposite wall thanks to the burst of water he came crashing through the first unlucky victim was in close proximity as he swung his sword not even having to use the water the mans head fell to the side holding on by a piece of skin that ripped as the giant passed. The next two slashes were at range but they were felt as the water on each blade shot off like a blade itself freezing solid in mid air and taking off one mans leg and arm in the blink of an eye. Malgoth let out a roar as he charged forward throwing his massive weapons into two other men and charging forward with his bare hands grabbing a man by his face and lifing him up his mouth grinning into a smile as water came up from the ground below them and from toe to tip began to freeze the man solid, and by solid he took the man and litterally broke him in two before throwing him aside. This was all in a matter of seconds maybe ten or eleven before his men flooded in and began mopping up the rest, the bloody giant was back, at least for a few minutes. he looked around and seen her all tied up walking over kneeling down ripping the ropes with his hands and brute strength. "Those men didn't do anything to you did they?"

"The Bloody Giant was a great man, but that was a different life"
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PostSubject: Re: Um. A little help would be appropriate. (open)   Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:51 pm

Sandria Raeya Zahn

Having followed the winds and the currents of the seas, Raeya found herself suddenly back near the Southern Water Tribe. So perhaps it wasn't sudden, but it had not been on her to-do list.

Soon she was a bit further inland, not really sure what was drawing her here, other than that she wished to follow it and see this through till the end.
Soon she came upon what was the most curious sight. a group of thugs had taken a woman hostage. even more surprising was that a big band of Water Tribe men had come to her rescue before she could do much else. the scene was bloody, and as a rogue and an opportunist, Raeya found that she couldn't help but get in on the action.

Springing from her hiding place, she drew both her daggers and landed them in the nearest kidnapper. she jumped into the fray and soon the kidnappers were gone. it was only then that she scoped the surrounding area and people.

"well... what was a pretty little thing like you doing tied up anyhow?" she asked the woman, and then, turning to the men, added, "and what's a bunch of big burly manly men such as yourselves doing in the same area? it seems like a mighty fine twist of ate if you ask me."
she was not really getting at anything in particular. she just wanted to sate her curiosity. she stood back, sheathing her daggers once again.
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PostSubject: Re: Um. A little help would be appropriate. (open)   

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Um. A little help would be appropriate. (open)
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