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 Lost in the Streets of Ba Sing Se, how Typical

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PostSubject: Lost in the Streets of Ba Sing Se, how Typical   Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:12 pm


Ba Sing Se. Thriving and bustling with countless hordes of people as it always has. 'Twas, after all, the grand capital of the proud Earth Kingdom. But among these innumerable streets, markets and citizens one could just as soon find themselves lost as they might to a street. At least that's what the lone mercenary wandering the streets began to feel.

Hakota had been, as he always was, looking for work when he discovered an interesting fact: He had no clue how to navigate Ba Sing Se. Well as far as anything but the immediate vicinity of the palace went. This found the vagrant deep within what seemed to be some border between the slums and the middle-class districts. Such brought mixes of taverns and questionable shops/services in the queer middle/low hybrid area, something Zai found not only amusing, but comfortable; his presence was one that would be lower profile here. Or so he had thought.

As it so happens, much to the lack of Zai's ability to recall as much, he'd been here before. Twice, as it so happened. Once to quell what was nearly a gang war, and another to kill one of the gang leaders. 'Twas the latter that eared the moment near to come. Zai had just been leaving a tavern to ask for direction when he found the street more quiet than usual, with a space cleared around the building.

Zai needn't a moment to ponder the meaning of this as before the crowd of people gathered around the space to watch what was to come, there was a number of individuals -five in total- standing within the 'danger zone'. It was immediately apparent to Zai the nature of the group. All with a black spider-rat tattooed to their chest, and each Zai could identify as a bender of an element, aside from one who posed as the 'leader', Zai assumed, whom held a kama and a chain. An obvious non-bender. The others: a scrawny man with a somewhat more light build, with mock air tattoos dotting his body, air; a bear of a man who seemed a bit slow in the head, so stereotypically earthlike; another smaller man, though still toned, who was among the two wearing shirts, but he mostly blue, probably water; the only woman of the group -also the other with a shirt in case one might wonder- was athletic with some light elements of armor, her forearms protected by cloth and metal to shield her from her own heat, fire, of course.

Despite this group, Zai merely gave them little more than a glance before turning to walk to one side. A jet of flame barred his path and singed his already tattered cloak. His only response was a sigh as he turned to face the group, staring them down with his only good eye.

" 'Ey! You don't walk away from the Spider-Rats, boy," their bombastic leader spouted. "You gun' pay 'fer what you did!"

Zai looked blankly at the man, as if expecting him to continue. After a pause, and not another word said, Zai sighed before speaking up. "And that is..." His words trailed off, once again seeking the silence to be filled.

The leader was struck, gawking as if the mere idea that Zai had no clue what he spoke of. "Y-You killed th' leader two years ago, ya ass!" More yelling and idiocy, Zai was still unamused.

"You may wish to specify... I killed countless bigots who thought they had power around then," he japed, but his humor was unappreciated-- 'twas sarcastic anyways.

Another flame from the typically short-tempered firebender aimed straight at Hakota. An easy dodge of the odd fluidity that was Zai's every motion served fair enough for the ball of fire to pass harmlessly, hitting the solid wall beyond. The mercenary pulled out his Kiyoshi fans now, taking the stance of air. Long ago modeled after an airbending stance, such was a fleeting position, and could hardly be called a stance given it's proclivity to dodging. He was outnumbered, though, and he needed a strategy to confront the benders. He could have run, but he'd have risked getting even more lost. Asides, best to confront a problem than run and let it fester.

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PostSubject: Re: Lost in the Streets of Ba Sing Se, how Typical   Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:37 pm

Nakkoa dropped a wad of raw meat on the ground and looked him in the eye, "Not exactly, Kaira, that's not what I meant." She nudged the bound meat with the tip of her moccasin-booted foot and folded her arms. A pair of stormy grey-blue eyes watched her lazily before opening it's maw and yawning. The large beast sat up on it's haunches and sauntered toward the package, carelessly he bore his fang into the ropes and ripped them off. Several steaks, a few briskettes, and beef from an ostrich horse fell out of the bag with a plop!.

"Captain Koda will understand," She continued through her companion's carnivorous rage, "And even if she doesn't then I don't really care. Don't get me wrong, the navy's cool and all that but the front war lines are way better." Nakkoa plopped down on the ground next to her massive wolf-lion and grabbed him by the ear. Kaira grunted but nonetheless continued eating, after being raised by his master ever since his birth he was plenty used to her roughhousing. He merely leaned into her caresses for a time before moving away to finish his meal.

Ten minutes and several blood-curdling gnashings later, the wolf-lion idly crunched on a femur bone and eyed his master carefully. His bushy wolf tail swept over the dusty docks while his ears twitched ever so slightly. Nakkoa blinked and looked over at him, meeting his pointed glare.

"Oh don't give me that! You know you like running into battle with me; you can't stand being cramped in the bowels of those ships. Remember the last time you got sea-sick-HEY!" Kaira leaped on all fours and began trotting away the moment Nakkoa opened her mouth. The latter grabbed her discarded hunter's dagger and wiped it clean before sheathing it, taking off after her cheeky companion.

"You good for nothing sparrowcat!"


'The sooner I find that stupid animal of mine, the sooner I can leave.' Nakkoa grumbled. She sat perched atop a non-assuming building in the heart of Ba Sing Se overlooking the shifting crowds. Everyone amassed themselves in mostly greens and browns, but occasionally she'd spot blues and even a red here or there. Try as she might, the girl never caught wind of jet black.....Kaira was so dead.

"Dumb hound, I am not in the mood for your philosophical games right now." She slid off of the slope of the roof and landed on the wooden fire-escape of the other; Nakkoa jumped down into the alleyway and took to the shadows. If it was one thing she knew, it was that her wolf-lion loved stalking around in the darkness. And as much as she loved that smart-mouthed oaf, he was seriously dead when she caught up with him.

" 'Ey! You don't walk away from the Spider-Rats, boy," "You gun' pay 'fer what you did!"

The warrior backpedaled when a whip of fire exploded out of nowhere. The renegade flames singed the tips of her hair ties and she cursed inwardly, she'd have to cut those later. Narrowing her eyes, Nakkoa peered around a corner and watched. A group of about five men were surrounded another in a half circle. One of them sneered and sunk into another stance while the others merely smirked.

Nakkoa rolled her eyes, 'Gonna have to cut this short.'

"Ya know, I think it's pretty shady that you feel the need to gang up on this guy in the open public." She drawled and stepped out of the shadows, "If you were smart, which I doubt and I know I'm right, you'd take this to a deserted area. I think you should, before things get ugly." Nakkoa finished with a withered glance; she rested one hand on her hip and the other rested against her side freely. All signs of being cheeky had been abandoned for her unnervingly cold flare; not only had she lost her stupid beast, but this punk had the audacity to burn her hair.

Crap was about to go down.

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PostSubject: Re: Lost in the Streets of Ba Sing Se, how Typical   Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:53 pm

Zulera Joanna Tallarico

Zulera's life was one of amusement, particularly self-amusement. in this case, it was drunken self-amusement. it had started with someone picking a fight with someone else, and somehow, Zulera was just a bystander.

when it had ended, a tipsy Avatar, naked from the waist up, was frolicking across rooftops, the occasional bending move used to fuel her jumps. she was frolicking like a deranged lunatic, singing a long like that old lady in the choir that no one has the hart to kick out, despite how god-awful she sounds. while some incarnations of the avatar may have had a singing voice, Zulera was not one of them.

granted, it didn't bother her. it also didn't bother the occasional keen-eyed man below to see a well-toned topless woman jumping around on the rooftops.
it was then that she noticed something out of the ordinary... a group of thugs, bandits, or whatever, that were confronting a friend... or perhaps just an acquaintance or something. either way, she recognized the man as Zai, and he was with another woman... also Water Tribe in origin. whether or not they were "together" or not... she didn't really care. she wasn't sure of the status of hers and Zai's relationship, but if it was anything like their first night... she wouldn't mind a couple more swings.

she jumped straight off the rooftop, landing between the two groups.
"does someone need an ass-whoopin?" she slurred, slightly drunk, and grinning stupidly. drunk or not, she was a much better fighter than speaker.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost in the Streets of Ba Sing Se, how Typical   

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Lost in the Streets of Ba Sing Se, how Typical
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