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 Fighting Through the Streets [OPEN]

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PostSubject: Fighting Through the Streets [OPEN]   Mon Sep 30, 2013 4:42 pm

Alzei Kuoka Miyamoto

Most people, after just getting off work, would feel inclined to go grab a bite to eat and then go kick back at home or something. However, Alzei and Raykel were not most people. They did get a little something to eat, but after a day of transporting cargo across town, the two were pumped and ready for a little action.

Turning to her older sister, a playful and mischievous grin crept over her tan face.
"Raykel," she cooed, swaying her hips, "I think it is time..."

"Time?" Alzei raised an eyebrow. "Time for..." she paused, suddenly grinning to a point where it was almost eerily identical to her sister's.
"Yes. yes I do believe it is time."
With this, she cracked her knuckles, causing Alzei to do the same.

Immediately, Alzei pulled out her staff, only to find herself getting whacked on the head by her sister, who had pulled hers out faster.

"you're it!" she laughed, taking off down the road.
Yep. that was how they played tag. you were not tagged "it" until you successfully whacked someone on the head.

Sprinting after her sister, Alzei swung a low sweep for Raykel's ankles. having turned around at the right moment, Raykel jumped it, and soon their running had slowed down, instead with the two sisters zigzagging through the streets trying to smack each other, but for as offensive as they were, both of them also knew good defensive skills, which was the primary function of their staff skills.

Thankfully the brawling sisters didn't smash into anything just yet, although with them swinging and jumping around, soon they were jumping walls and fighting on rooftops. It was quite a spectacle especially with their bright red and blue clothing, although as Alzei continued to give chase to her sister, most people resumed their business, although others watched as they passed into different areas.

the real attention grabber was when Alzei jumped and smacked Raykel in the head. However, she retaliated and swept her sister's ankles out from under her, causing her to come down hard on her backside. This would not have been so bad if the building they had been on top of had been more structurally stable, but apparently it had been abandoned for years. Alzei plummeted through the roof with a crash, staggering out of the broken door. Raykel jumped down into the hole and followed her sister outside. She was staggering a bit, but otherwise seemed alright. they had garnered a crowd becuase of their little stunt though.

"don't mind us..." Raykel waved with a sheepish grin as she let her slightly injured sister lean against her. "it was just... uh, practice. Practice was all..."
a flimsy tale at best... but it would hopefully be able to hold.

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Fighting Through the Streets [OPEN]
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