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 Suki [Expert]

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PostSubject: Suki [Expert]   Fri Mar 20, 2015 2:58 pm

Full Name: Suki of the Hami Tribe [The Fox]
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Element: Earth
Birthplace: Si Wong Desert, Can be found roaming all over the Earth Country.
Position: Bounty Hunter
Earthbending: Intermediate
Sandbending: Expert
Dual-Daggers: Intermediate
Shirshu: Beginner

Personality: (317)

Suki was raised by the sandbenders in the Si Wong Desert, and had their colder outlook on things. She was a thief, she was a bounty hunter, she would do just about anything to get some money. She is quiet and mysterious if asked about herself, as she doesn't like to talk about her past with anyone she has in her life these days. Suki would rather look out for herself, and do anything she needed to in order to get through whatever situation she has gotten herself into.

She can be a trouble-maker, and doesn't stand for anyone threatening her. She didn't stick up for many others, it was a harsh world out there, she kept mostly to herself. She was a fighter, and used her bending and weaponry to capture those who were worth a reward. She did not have many relationships, except with her Shirshu she recently aquired and the sandbending Hami tribe that she had recently left to do her own, solo adventure.

Her most noticable traits were her stubbornness and determination, her constant wandering, and her flirty tendencies. She has been known to sometimes trick those she is hunting and tie them up in a misleadingly-seductive matter and then reveal to them her true intentions; giving them up for money. Other times sometimes led to fatality of the hunted, if they became too risky. Since the addition of the Shirshu, she has vowed not to kill another soul, it was why the purchase was so important to her that she had been saving up nearly everything she earned.

She had killed men, and that was something that scarred a heart, but she had also made a decision to not resort to such tactics again, and felt her heart grow lighter. This did not mean she was any less tough, or badass. She is usually seen in taverns and wherever she finds work.

Abilities: (420)

Sakura first learned sandbending; the flowing of the earth pieces of ground she knew as sand. She gained this ability in her ninth year when she was on her first sandbending trip with her Tribe, the Hami. She was also given daggers on this trip, that the sandbenders looted from the wanted man's body, and she started to practice with how to handle those as well.

The sandbending practice took up most of her free time, as she taught herself ways to turn sand to be solid and thick, what someone else would see as mud, she taught herself to control the flow of the sand, and wrap it around herself as a shield.

She spent many days growing, practicing, teaching herself more moves like making small waves, making a sand wall barrier, and wrapping something in sand very tightly. She laced her dagger strikes with sand formed into a sharp tip around her blade. She first could only have sand with one blade, but with time progressed to dual-wielding both daggers with sand to help give a little more hit.

Earthbending came naturally to the redhead as she had already got a good control on sandbending before she ever tried it. Throwing rocks became one of her new favorite things to do, and she practiced earthbending every time that the sandbenders found themselves on sturdy ground. With the last year of living in Ba Sing Se, she has had a lot of time to practice her earthbending, especially things such as making walls, throwing rocks, breaking rocks to create smoke, and shifting the ground.

Most recently, she has picked up a new companion; a Shirshu. It has been well-trained, but with a completely different owner, and doesn't have the best relationship with Suki yet. Suki is just learning to make the great beast respect and listen to her commands, but she is patient and careful to not whip the Shirshu too much. She attempts to be gentle with the creature, as it is like the family she never had, and she speaks to it often. She trains it on the daily now, with scents trailing and fetching games, and the beast is seeming to warm up to her. He will now go as she commands, and is alright with her riding him. They still have a lot to learn together.

Suki sometimes uses her beauty and flirty attitude to get her what she wants; wanted criminals. Her true desires, although never before expressed to anyone, lie not with men.

Appearance: (234)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Athletic
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Rose
Skin: Light

The young woman was most times wearing her sandbending wraps, where she had an outfit that covered all of her skin except her eyes. She had brown cloth mixed with white wrappings to cover her from the skin cancer that was a very real threat in the desert. She wore a headwrapping, as it was traditional, and also she had long rosey colored hair that would draw attention to her. Her light skin was already a rarity, a difference from the people she hailed, because her parents were secretly from far away.

The bright green eyes and pale skin of the woman was the first traits that you would notice, along with her tall, slender figure. She kept most other traits hidden, unless otherwise stated, because she likes to keep a low profile. Often a thief, she wears all black headwear with a black shirt and pants when she goes out in the night.

Sometimes, depending on how flirty she is feeling, she goes out with her long, red hair down to feel like a woman. She has a few outfits that she keeps with her, for the occasion. She has a body sculpted only from hard work, with a woman's curves in the right places. Whoever her parents were, they must have been good-looking people. Suki saw her good looks as an annoyance mostly, but something that she could use to her advantage.

Weaponry & Other Gear:

Twin Daggers
Materials: Steel and blue cloth
Description: A set of twin daggers found on the body of a bounty hunter, sleek and small with blue wrappings.

Shirshu Whip
Materials: Leather
Description: A long whip used for control of the Shirshu. With a crack or a slap, your Shirshu will respond.

History: (1105)

The history of Suki was a story that one did not hear every day. Twenty one years ago, one hot day in the Si Wong Desert, the Hami tribe stumbled upon something they could not leave; it was a baby. A couple of bodies around the bundled up little one who was crying loudly in the dry desert air. The sandbenders turned their sand-sailer and took the child with them back home. They had no idea how old the little one was, or how it had survived out here, but took it in as one of their own.

One of their own, as nice of a gesture as it was, was still living life on the rough, gritty edge. There were not many females in the tribe, but those that there were looked after the baby. The saying it takes a tribe to raise a village was true in this case. While sandbenders occasionally had young, it was a small group and the men were away for sometimes long periods of time, so birthrate was slow. And even so, the young one was a curiosity to most of the tribe, seeing as her hair grew bright red and her skin was as pale as the moon. Whoever her foolish parents were that tried to conquer the great Si Wong Desert were clearly travelers from far away. No information was really found out about them, other than the 'Suki' written on their baby's blanket. They carried with them no weapons, and little supplies.

The tribe did it's best to make the outsider feel welcomed as she grew up, and did a good job for the most part. The tribe waited until the girl started asking about mother and father to explain the story of her appearance to her. They wanted to make sure she knew, and they did not hide the truth. There were not really other children around her as she grew up, and she usually found solitude to be better, unless she had an opportunity to go with the men on a trip away. The trips were the place which she came from, the deep Si Wong Desert, and she felt a fondness for the harsh nature. Sometimes adults did not even return from the men's trips, but this did not deter her in the slightest. Sandbenders were tough, mysterious, and they did whatever they were paid most to do.

For years they told her she was too young when she asked, until finally they let the eager little one come with them. She must have been somewhere in her ninth year, and she for the first time felt excited to go on one of these rumored trips in which she was found. She anticipated the dangers, and she thought she knew the work that they did. Whatever fluffy, imaginary world she thought they lived in was torn down by reality, and she witnessed the capture of a hostile. Her bright green eyes were innocent, but not for long after the arrival of the sand-sailer upon the rouge. He took out one of their men before they were able to capture him, and the whole scene was rather drawn out and dramatic for the young girl.

When the sandbenders returned back to the sand-sailer, bounty in hands, Suki pulled up her hands as she had seen so many times before, and bended the sand from the desert into the sail, just as naturally as she had felt would happen. She couldn't explain it to anyone, when and if they asked about it, she just said she knew she could do it then and there.

Perhaps it was the post-traumatic death of a family member, or perhaps it was because the look inside of the eyes of the dangerous man they captured looked so wild they kicked something on inside of her. Now that she knew this was what they did, and that she could help in some sort of way, she felt like she could repay the sandbenders for all of the years of hospitality they had given her. She was given a pair of daggers from someone on the hunt with her, and he said they were those of the captured man, a truly great pair of weapons. She gratefully took them, and practice with daggers became secondary to her sandbending.

Years passed, and Suki had been many places in her journeys with the Hami Tribe. They stopped protesting her coming along with them and accepted that she was as stubborn as they were, and she had talent. The girl practiced her sandbending the majority of the time that she was alone, after she found out she could. She spent less time alone, and more time traveling with the men of the tribe. They hunted whoever it was that was worth a good reward, and in time Suki started to fight the wanted alongside the men of the tribe.

She fit in with the sandbenders mostly, and felt great gratitude towards them for her life, but she did not feel that she would reach her true potential with the Hami Tribe. This life-changing decision was made somewhere in her twentieth year, it was so hard to keep track of the seasons in the hot desert. After she made the change within, she expressed how she felt to the sandbenders. They understood, and said they had been expecting this to come, but felt she grew up fast.

The men of the old Hami tribe took Suki on one more hunt, and when the wanted man was captured, they left half of the gold from the reward with the young adult in Ba Sing Se where the bounty had been. They said their farewells, neither party was too emotional, and went on their seperate ways.

Suki hustled the streets of Ba Sing Se for a while, mostly thieving and practicing the earthbending which sandbending originated from. She kept a low profile, and was swift and silent. Those who whispered called her rouge self 'The Fox' and she liked the alias. She saved her money for a while, and made her first and only major purchase almost a year after her arrival, in a rare trades show.

Ever since that day, Suki could be seen with her Shirshu traveling around the Earth Country, doing whatever work came their way. She knew mostly of Bounty Hunting, but also made it known that she could find almost anyone, especially with her pet. The Shirshu was trained well, but not with Suki, they both are currently still learning to work with each other.

I am Minami Sato, so this next part is optional (as I did the intermediate-tier character), but I'd like to do it anyway. ^^
Sample RP: (553)

Suki [The Fox]

Suki of the Hami Tribe was almost twenty-one years old this day. She had only really been found and so the sandbenders who took her in had the day she was taken into their care as her birthday, who knew when the truth date was, most likely at least a month or so before. She didn't spend her time dragging around, being upset about things that were in the past, like her parents. Whoever they were, they were most likely lost to the grand desert that they so foolishly attempted to cross. She also didn't spend her time celebrating, because nothing in this world seemed to come without a sacrifice. Suki, instead, showed not much emotion, and withdrew from most people. She was now on her own, away from the tribe she once called family, because she had chose this. She was happier on her own, using her coins for things she wanted, which was exactly why she was at the auction in Ba Sing Se's lower ring today.

This auction-house was the place to go, if you had goods that might have been otherwise turned away. Here, no one really asked questions, and money talked. It was only in places like this, on days like this trade show, that Suki even looked to see what there was money could buy. She knew she was looking for a companion, an animal, that she could travel with. This already was a filter that had taken almost a year to find a trade show matching, so she did not specify which species she would be on the lookout for. She had told herself when she found out about the event that she would see what called to her.

Inside of the building it was noisy and cramped. People everywhere walking around with numbers, a man's voice over the loudspeaker shouting out numbers at an inhuman pace. Suki took her time to get herself registered as a buyer, and privately counted her money to have the number ready. She knew she could only bid on one item, so she found herself a spot to wait in the seated area. She watched as items, weapons, and animals alike went up for bidding. Most of the animals looked scared and underfed, but this was not enough to move her. She waited for the perfect moment.

Time passed, it felt like hours, and Suki was feeling the

reality of this opportunity slipping through her fingers, but nothing so far had been right. The bidder brought out the next animal, and her doubts were silenced in their tracks. 'He is beautiful.' She thought, looking at the huge beast. They started the bidding, and Suki used the strategy she had come up with in all of this time alone, waiting until the end and jumping in with her high bid. She felt her heart beat quickly, and her nerves go crazy for one of the first times in a long time as the bidder slowly counted it out.


Suki jumped up from her seat, and went to go meet her new friend. He had a beautiful brown coat, and a white snout that was fierce and primal. He had no eyes, only a great sense of smell that guided him through the best of tracking sequences; he was a Shirshu.
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PostSubject: Re: Suki [Expert]   Mon Mar 23, 2015 1:30 am

just a curious question--how old are you IRL, if you don't mind me asking.

otherwise, it looks good. just don't go too wild with the Shirshu--no insta-paralyzing people to solve all of life's problems or anything like that. otherwise, I trust you enough.


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Suki [Expert]
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