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 Sagittaria Suki Svenja

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PostSubject: Sagittaria Suki Svenja   Sagittaria Suki Svenja EmptySun Aug 24, 2014 6:24 am

Full Name: Sagittaria Suki Svenja
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Element: Fire
Birthplace: Shu Jing
Position: Jack of All Trades; District Manager of Svenja Shipping
Firebending: Expert
Hand-to-hand: Poor
Melee Combat: Poor
Archery: Expert
Building: Novice
Lightningbending: Unknown
Charisma: Master

Personality: (259/210) Sagittaria is crafty, cool, and charismatic. Her golden tongue has earned her many admirers, and children tend to flock to her so they can hear another of her famous stories. Sagittaria is a professional and compulsive liar, and is so skilled at telling untruths that she makes it extremely difficult to discern what is true and what is not. However, she mostly only does that with stories, and her humbleness and lack of desire for power or advantages over others is what keeps her from using this powerful charisma for "evil purposes" so to speak.
She is a quite amiable and outgoing young woman, and possesses an uncanny talent for turning things positive. Sagittaria has a way with words and a wicked sense of humor, and is known for her wild exploits and storied life. However, despite all of this, she is surprisingly rather humble, and holds a deep loyalty and devotion to her friends and family, as well as to her people. Perhaps one of her most admirable traits, however, is that she is very selfless--one of those people that would stop to help someone needy if she saw one. She is popular because of this--people enjoy giving her business because they know that she will give back. She always does.
Her emotional weakness is that she is not very swift to mention when she has a problem. She's more worried about the people around her, and so sometimes her own problems slip through the cracks and weigh her down. However, this is fortunately rather rare.

Abilities: (295/210) Sagittaria is an expert with words, and her golden tongue has intrigued and deceived many a friend or enemy (usually respectively). She is very intelligent, her mental and emotional maturity a step above the usual teens, all things considering. She is thus very mature, but not afraid to crack a joke now and again.
Her skills as a storyteller are nearly unrivaled, because she is keenly aware of what makes for a riveting tale, even if it's not entirely true. What usually happens is that she spins the truth just enough to keep things exciting, and if anyone ever asks what *really* happened, she'll usually tell them the truth.
She is also fairly crafty, and has a talent for smaller or ranged weapons like the bow or the knife. The girl had shown a little talent in craftsmanship as well, having constructed a powerful automatic crossbow over the course of several months, using just wood and metal scraps, and some wire and coils.
Sagittaria is skilled at hiding her emotions, and is always willing to help someone that she sees is in need. However, her lack of expressing her own needs and her fondness of helping others can sometimes spread the girl too thin, which in turn can stress her out even if she does not express it.
Sagittaria is also, of course, a skilled firebender, her movements surprisingly elegant for someone so sturdy. she is rather elegant on her feet as well, being able to dance pretty decently. Her skills, as one might have figured though, mostly lie in ranged combat. her speed is sufficient that she can distance herself from her opponents and shoot arrows or fireballs at them, but in close combat, she can be easily overpowered by a strong enough foe.

Appearance: image!
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 133 pounds
Eyes: Green
Hair: Very Dark Brown
Skin: Dark Brown

(259/210) Sagittaria is a brown-skinned, brown-haired girl standing around 5'7". The thing that makes her stand out the most though, is her green eyes. While not inherently unusual, it's her nationality that makes them a rarity. Otherwise though, she is fairly normal, with her dark skin attributed to her location of origin. Those from the more distant Fire Islands did tend to have darker skin after all.
She normally dresses fairly humbly, wearing thick pants, long sleeves, work boots, and a long trenchcoat, though after rising to riches with her family, she usually dresses a bit lighter, with loose pants and a shirt, and sometimes even, no shoes. When she really dresses up, she'll don a fiery red dress and heels, which was part of the reason some folks called her "The Girl on Fire". She has a very obvious fondness of the color red.
Underneath these clothes, she has a fairly straightforward hourglass figure, although neither the narrowing waist nor the widenings at her bust or hips are overly prominent. She has a few years of growing left to do as well, so there's always room for development. There is some meat on her bones as well, since she does regularly practice firebending, but her specialties lie in ranged combat rather than melee or hand-to-hand.
Sagittaria has an odd complex of red tattoos that cover her scalp and forehead. Luckily, only the ones on her forehead are visible, though it almost looks like a headband from a distance. There is actually a good story behind these tattoos as well.

Weaponry & Other Gear:
Item Name "Mirabelle"
Materials: Wood, Metal
Description: Mirabelle is the nickname of the mechanical crossbow that Sagittaria based her crossbow off of and thus wields with great efficiency. It is very similar to this only that the "bow" has two parts that unfold like an X.
The weapon contains bulges on both side where thin metal bolts are inserted, and then fed into the "barrel" and fired. The blade at the end of the weapon and be retracted and tucked away, and the entire thing folds up so that the bow runs parallel to the body of the weapon, and thus causing easy storage. No one is entirely sure who created this marvel of craftsmanship, for the only markings are a "serial number" near the end of the handle reading "ZJT-301".

Item Name "Prim" (Primula)
Materials: Wood, Metal
Description: The same as Mirabelle, except this is the one Sagittaria more often uses, despite the other one being more intricate.

History: (541/520)
Sagittaria's life began 18 years ago, and was the story of rags-to-riches from there. She was the eldest of 8 children, and came from a hardworking family who worked to make ends meet, and she was among those. She worked mostly as a porter and hauled supplies to and from ships, often sailing with them to load and unload. This company, known as Svenja Shipping, became a rather popular business and thus the family's wealth increased. Sagittaria began joining this business when she was 14, where her cunning tactics helped it grow further. She currently manages some of the regional ports, though her parents still own and run the business.
The Svenjas, particularly Sagittaria though, are notoriously well-liked not because of their efficient business and good service (though those help), but rather, they know that the family will always "give back" so to speak. They are rather generous with their money sometimes, and Sagittaria is no exception.
Having been part of the shipping company for years now, Sagittaria has seen much of the world, and has earned her share of interesting and wild stories in the process. She had always been something of a storyteller,and so she was quite fine with telling slightly dramatized versions of her life story. She did not do this to brag, but rather, to entertain and make people laugh.
She was wildly successful in this endeavor, and so she'd tell other stories as well, some of them true, others, bit more "embellished." Her golden tongue and down-to-earth attitude have helped her get along with just about anyone, and while she is a compulsive liar, it's very seldom done in things that matter.
While Sagittaria is still very young, she is also very mature and experienced, having travelled the world with her parents during some of the shipping expeditions. When she was 16, she was able to manage some of these on her own, and was put in charge of a crew on a ship to transport goods from one island to another, or sometimes even internationally. This experience is what has helped her mature faster, and made her rather knowledgeable regarding the world and its people.
Perhaps somewhat ironically, most of Sagittaria's friends were either small children who flocked to her to hear (often fabricated) stories of her wild adventures, or older adults who shared more of her mature sense of humor. Sagittaria had always had a talent with words from an early age, and since she continued to develop that talent, she developed into a very eloquent and charismatic young woman. The harsh world around her, as well as the extravagant workload the girl took onto her own shoulders prior to their rise to wealth, forced her to grow up fairly quickly, and so she has a rather mature mindset that helps her get along with adults much older than herself.
Because of this, she sometimes forgets that she is still only a teenage girl, but at the same time, she is still young enough to associate with kids like those.
As a result of her occupation, Sagittaria can be found just about anywhere, though usually near a coastal city than anything else. Otherwise, she is fairly easy to find--just follow the wacky stories.

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Sagittaria Suki Svenja

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