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 Now Comes The Fun (OPEN)

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PostSubject: Now Comes The Fun (OPEN)   Wed Feb 04, 2015 1:22 am


Kei had done a successful job on dining on as much as food as possible and was proud of it. Stuffed and no longer had a desire for food, truly it was a heavenly feeling. Sadly though, this night was no where close to being finished for him. He still had work to do. Kei came here on Tamiyo's accord and she wanted him to meet some of the other mob bosses or their followers and learn what ever he could. The problem was that Kei wasn't exactly sure how to get them to talk to him. Considering that nearly everyone at the masquerade party was wearing a mask, it made it VERY difficult to identify people by face.

Desperate, knowing at this rate, Kei would not meet any of the other mob bosses and Tamiyo wouldn't pay him, Kei did something outrageous. Standing up onto one of the dining tables, Kei drew his wooden sword and waved it over the crowd and made an announcement.

"I proclaim myself to be the greatest Pai-Sho player in the room. Bow to my authority all!" Kei roared out to the confused and shocked crowd.

To the eyes of other, Kei probably appeared to be a really odd drunk dude, standing on a table, waving a wooden sword around, wearing a trench coat that wasn't really fashionable, and masquerade mask that was definitely made of cheap plastics and bought from some toy store.

In truth though, Kei was hoping his declaration would appear to be a challenge at Pai-Sho. He had heard several of the bosses really enjoyed a good game Pai-Sho, so perhaps one of them would want a challenge.

Kei knew he would probably lose because he didn't actually know how to play the game, but that didn't matter, after all, he wasn't here to win.

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Now Comes The Fun (OPEN)
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