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 The Fire Rises

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PostSubject: The Fire Rises    Sun Jan 04, 2015 9:04 pm

Full Name: Sozin  "The White Ghost" Kasshu
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Element: Fire
Birthplace: Ember Island
Position: Former crisis managment firm CEO

Firebending/Lightning -Master
Bo Staff - Master
Chi Blocking- Master
Tactics - Master
Spirituality - Expert

Sozin is a very different breed of person. Because of his past life Sozin would consider himself a nice person, Someone you could actually talk to and befriend. Very warm and charasmatic. Normally viewed by people as the happiest person in the room Sozin used his personality as a way to advance through life. His happy and inspiring ways often got him in to some great situations sometimes some not so great situations.

His demeanor around those around him is inspiring almost as he tries his hardest to make those around him feel empowered as if they have a cause in the world even if he knows they don't. Maybe it was his upbringing that made him so positive but maybe it was his calling. On the battlefield Sozin would have said he was a very playful opponent often trying to save the battle for last if even have one at all since he was a man who believed in resolution before revolution.

Peace was his motto which was his goal in life no matter what. Compromising peace towards Sozin's belief meant you didn't believe in the way the world was meant to run which means he must act in violence today in order to assure peace tomorrow, Which is why he became an assassin. His connection to the spirit world was always the catalyst to his nature because it opened up a view to new life for him in a world where nothing but peace resides until darkness comes looking for it and is conquered.

In regards to the youth of the world Sozin sees them as the life force of tomorrow and hopes to better them before they end up being what harms the planet most. After the death of his family you could say Sozin snapped. His nature changed in a sense. He wasn't the happy man he once was he was nearly cold. You couldn't recognize him anymore not even the closes people to him could. His devil may care personality was gone but he retained his wit and often used it to scheme his way out of situations caused by his depression. His regards to battle grew as he often fought with little conviction to the situation unless needed.

Abilities: (300)

Firebending -  His style of firebending is almost traditional but for some people they swear he was almost dancing. Well his comrads at least. He would normally use his bending for recreational use often making dances out of them when they weren't busy and just wanted to hang out. As for in battle his bending attacks are very precise often working the enviorment in the favor of Sozin. He normally attacks their base to throw them off and keep his enemy uncomfortable and not let them dictate the pace of battle which can often harm their train of through in battle also considering their forced to move a lot faster and react and create at the same time. He is a very athletic bender and often displays that with his leaps and bounds (literally) on the battlefield to tire the opponent out in an uptempo movement. His fire is also white which was learned from the dragons during his time with the sun warriors.

Lightning Bending - His style of lightning bending is very precise only using it as a last ditch effort to stop a battle involving him or to prevent one from happening in ways of gathering attention or to signal his allies. His redirection skills are just as good as his usage of lightning bending as he moves with the lightning rapidly fast barely needing a charge time if one at all.

Chi Blocking - Someone as spiritually inclined as himself often studied the body and how it worked which resulted in him seeking out masters in the art of chi-blocking. His love for chakra resulted in him wanting to learn more about pressure points of the body which lead him to know how movement towards the pressure points resulted in a temporary lost of bending something that interested him more than anything. If a situation is becoming uncontrolled then would he use his chi-blocking to defuse the situation or to let his opposition know of his skill in an effort to relax them

Bo Staff- The bo staff was something he learned to use when he was in his teens. He believed he wouldn't be bending everyday of his life because he didn't want to abuse the energy of the dragons which resulted in him learning a formal style of combat which involved a weapon.  With the bo staff Sozin moves effortlessly often aiming hi to aim for the arms which is where most of the bending needed to be done. Attacking the arms sored their body in term making them tired. If not able he would aim for the body and make it harder for his opponent to breath often resulting in a lack of cardio which also hurt their bending.

Tactics - His tactics on the battlefield and in life were often regarded as some of the best because of how he could play the world as if it were a game. But in reality his planning was unplanned because he felt the best way to beat a schemer was by not scheming at all. They planned for a plan that never existed and the only time Sozin thought the need to fight like that was when he was in distress often following the example and backtracked his opponents log of battle in an effort to gain footing on their future movements.

Spirituality - His spiritual sense was a result of his young enlightenment something he was very proud of. His connection to the spirit world is what he considers his most prized possession as it is something no one can take form him but himself and the spirits. Their relationship was give and take and both gave equally which was Sozin's favorite part of it all.


His outfit is outfitted with mostly dark colors in order to make his assassinations a lot easier in terms of noticing him. He wears this leather body armor over his basic black underclothing which is used so the leather doesn't rub against the skin. Over his leather armor he wears this black tunic which in the front goes down to his thighs but in the back expands to his shin. On the chest of the tunic there are six plastic buttons keeping the tunic on and two around the neck for his hood. On his shoulders are two shoulder pads which are made of leather to lower damage from normally fatal or damaging wounds. His forearms,backhands,legs, and feet are also covered by this material. Kept together by the same plastic. As for his mask its formed of plastic and the 3 green markings represent earth, water, air as for the red sun in the middle represents fire.  Around his waist is a leather belt which has a holster on it for Sozin's bo staff.

Sozin himself is a fairly large man in terms of size and strength. He has a smooth sounding comforting voice. His face is very clear and and his eyes are violet purple with this shining glare to them that make them very easy to spot at night. His arms are riddled with scars as is his chest which is very muscular from the years of working out and field duty. His hair goes down his back unless it is braided and is dark brown nairly black. Usually he wears black pants with traditional fire nation shoes along with a button up top dressing semi professional because of his job as a crisis managment agent.

Height: 6'3
Weight: 220LB
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Dark Brown/Almost Black
Skin: Caucasian-Tanned


Weaponry & Other Gear: (Omit this field if no such items)

Item Name Amaterasu
Materials: Platinum
Description: A 5'3 bo staff made completely of platinum which when the button in the center is pressed the bo compresses to its 2 foot long form or expands to its 5'3 foot form. Completely slick with a  1 foot cresent shaped blade on its tip.

Item Name Mask of Sun
Materials: Plastic
Description: Formed as an aid for Sozin in his assassin attempts. The mask has a voice changing feature in it which makes Sozin's voice deeper than it really is almost as if he was speaking through a radio at times.


Born on Ember Island Sozin didn't really have a special childhood. The fourth of seven children he was in the middle of the pack and didn't really consider himself anyone memorable. He always thought he was average at best and treated his life like that, Average. Around the time he was 4 he became aware he was a bender which was rare because out of seven only 3 were benders before him. He rose the percentage over 50 percent and was then considered special by his father. Throughout the course of his early years Sozin became aware of his natural born leadership in terms of his family and thought best to take helm of the household when his father died around Sozin's age of 12. Using his dominance firebending prowess and advanced intellect he made sure his family was able to afford living on Ember Island even if it meant they weren't the most respected people.

His father was killed because of a loan he didn't pay back and was in return assinated by the Hao family who thought it best to eliminate the rest of Sozin's family because they all knew the truth. The night the Hao Family decided to launch their attack was a special one. This happened to be the night most of the family had went out for dinner but the Hao family didn't realize that. They attacked anyway sending a group of seven men which wasn't enough. Upon entrance they met the boy named Sozin who lived up to that name very well as he defeated each man more swift than the one before him. After defeating each man he effectively killed each one with a swift jab of fire to the throat. This was the day Sozin became something he never thought he would become. A serial killer. Though this was his first chance at murder the Hao Family took notice to him and their numbers eventually became to much for the young Sozin whom knew a way out for his family but not himself. Assasinate the Hao Family.

His intially attempts familed and each time the Hao family came back stronger and so did Sozin. He grew in skill as they grew in numbers. It was as if they were his formal training.  Eventually Suzo Hao came to the home of Sozin personally and told the boy side with him or his family was to be killed then and there. His numbers didn't lie not even Sozin could kill all of those men. He accepted this fate and joined the Hao family but not as an assassin no. The same job his father had which was a crisis situation manager. His most important job was talking to people solving situations before they grew violent and for some weird reason Sozin was a natural at this. The Hao's kept their promise and stayed away from Sozin's family and eventually he paid off what they considered his debt. During that time he grew a persona known as "The Ghost of The Fire Nation" because of his murders in the name of the Hao family in which he would strike once every month. The difficult part for the police force was finding out where.

Around the time he was 20 Sozin exiled himself from the fire nation in search of inner peace. His fire was fueled by fear and anger for so long he lost his way and wanted to get back on the path his father put him on. His family was humble and peaceful before his fathers death. He didn't want to find the man he wanted to become but instead the boy he was before all of this started. Nearly at the beginning of his travels Sozin met a man named Tarek who was a very exceptional bender who used a unique style of fire bending which made him stand out compared to the usual cookie cutter mold of their type. After their initial meeting the duo had a battle which Tarek would win and told Sozin that he needed to refind his fire and his motive to be a a firebending which Sozin agreed with fully. On this day Tarek gave Sozin personally the name of The Ghost. When he set off from one location to the next he got caught in a storm which caused him great damage and took him out of the sea. He washed aboard a weird island but was to harmed to wake up. Upon waking up Sozin noticed he was alone and in some weird outfit.

Upon further inspection this outfit looked acient as most of his clothing was missing and all he was wearing was a skirt and a garnish around his neck. Sozin would search around the island for awhile until he found what appeared to be some calendar which caught the interest of Sozin but the light needed to reach its apex with the calendar so Sozin sped up the process by aiming his bo staff at a certain angle causing the light to open up a chamber. Once in the chamber Sozin noticed  statues and noticed it was firebending form. Acting out the moves himself Sozin triffered a mantle to rise on what appeared to be a gem. Sozin knew it wasn't his place to remove the gem and quickly left the chamber where he noticed a bunch of men with the outfit he was wearing but with many tattoos. They spoke of the eternal flame and said if Sozin wanted true enlightenment he would have to carry the flames towards the mountain top where Sozin waited for a moment before it happened.

Rushing out the two cases were two dragons. One blue one red and both were furious which caused Sozin to tighten up a bit before he realized the dragons weren't angry but instead communicating. It was if they wanted Sozin to do something which he figured was the movements he saw in the chamber. Acting out the movements Sozin came to realize that it wasn't an attack but a dance. An expression of life through firebending which pleased the dragons. They spoke through their fire which was beautiful. It was if a rainbow came down and manifested in the form of a spiral of emotions and for some reason Sozin understood the flames which spoke the true meaning of firebending. This was when Sozin fire's came back knowing this because his breathe of fire seemed far more intense than normal.  The Sun Warriors expressed to Sozin that it would be best if he never mentioned what he saw today to anyone. Sozin had a better idea which was he stay here for awhile and grow not as a bender but a person.

Reasons Why You Believe You Deserve a Master-Tier Character/Position:
I do believe having a master tier character is something I personally feel comfortable enough having since I now understand the site enough and sort of gotten my own personally "Groove" for role-playing back.

**Required of ALL Master Tier Characters**

Character Box: With Sample RP within (500 words minimum, must be from applied character's point of view)


"To all those listening, This is The White Ghost... A man not formerly known to the people of the Fire Nation but hopefully you will grow to know me" Said a taping of a voice overlaying by an image of a man in a white mask. "You'll soon know my true intentions but for now lets all just relish and rejoice in the reckoning of the fire nation because Sozin is here to save you all." An overlapped audio clip of cheering could be heard from the taping. "No I'm not here to save you from Tarek or Zulera no! I'm here to save you from yourselves. The world is a harsh place and those not built for it shouldn't attempt to live in it.. So here is your chance people of the fire nation!" More cheers could be heard coming from the taping meanwhile a figure lurked in the shadows of the fire nation camp just preying with his targets.

Playing with his food if you will. Everyone was looking where this voice was coming from but all they saw was a picture of The Ghost. "None of you people deserve to lose your life so here am I! Preserving your right to live by taking out the same people opressing you. The firelord, His men and those pesky criminals who rob women coming from the bakery.. I'm here for them." The cheering grew louder from the tape recording.

"THIS IS THE WHITE GHOST AND I'M HERE FOR FREEDOM" said the voice before you could see the man standing on the same ledge from before. It was Sozin the same Sozin who wasn't interested in battle but peace. His mission tonight was simple. Extract the information from the guards in regard to the next attack against the Bay Sing Warriors a tribe of Earth Benders whom were trying to assasinate the fire lord. Sozin had no problem doing what needed to be done for a greater sense of peace in the world and he was going to prove that tonight. How would he start tonight off?

Swish was the sound you heard as he jetted into the sky alerting everyone in this particular base that he was around. He wanted to draw them all close which is exactly what happened as the men tried to surround him. The grunts lustered a number of twelve which was enough for Sozin. They decided it was best to attack one by one which is exactly what Sozin wasn't hoping for. One by one each came and they fell until they decided it was best to try together at which point Sozin ducked and swung his leg around in a three-sixty motion which knocked them all back in a wave of fire. After that Sozin would get up and his purple glaring eyes noticed the man closes to him getting up at which point he put him on the wall "The information I want you have"

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By typing your Forum name below, you acknowledge that your Master-Tier Character requires a considerable degree of activity(to be judged by our staff), and that you are subject to removal from your position of your Master-Tier Character if site staff unanimously decide you are not fulfilling this required level of activity in an undue respect. This judgement will also apply if abuse of this position occurs, whether in or out of character (IC or OOC). [u][u]

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PostSubject: Re: The Fire Rises    Sun Jan 11, 2015 10:16 pm

Sorry it took so long to take a look at this, I had no idea it was finished. You should add a bump post next time and I'll see it way quicker Razz

Ok so I have no problem with this character except for your skill levels. At 37 you are looking at one mastery, not four (possibly two, but given your character's formal training being killing assassins...I'd say one is realistic. I believe it should be firebending as the dragons' insight would be a viable form of training that would bump up your firebending power. But it's your choice if you can back it up with reasons.)

Please remember being a master over one aspect is definitely not permanent. You can (and it is encouraged to) learn more from others in RP. This however, takes a few years of training to advance. You'll see that most masters on the site are much older and /or have special circumstances which made them masters of their elements.

As soon as you fix some of things I discussed, I will gladly give you an approval

"Rage? To control firebending? A man filled with rage cannot even control himself. True control comes from peace and serenity."- Tarek Raiden
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The Fire Rises
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