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 A New Hope - The Dark Avatar Rises

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A New Hope - The Dark Avatar Rises Empty
PostSubject: A New Hope - The Dark Avatar Rises   A New Hope - The Dark Avatar Rises EmptyMon Nov 24, 2014 9:30 am

An overview of the story so far, and the topics in which the story is concerned.

Elegys, an Airbender from the Southern Air Temple, renounces his teachings and leaves in search of the Avatar, seeking enlightenment and passage into the Spirit World. He finds her and together they travel into the Spirit World, where Elegys first meets Galaad, a spirit that promises to help him fulfil his destiny.

With Galaad at his side, Elegys brokers a deal with Vaatu, who agrees to merge with Elegys to form the first Dark Avatar. Under tutelage from Galaad, the Airbender manages to achieve mastery over Airbending, creating a new technique which he dubs 'Thunderbending', involving huge pressure and intense sounds.

With their plan in place, Elegys begins to search for allies. He manages to agree on terms with Gan, a metalbending priest; Youta, a mercenary; Tzekel-Kan, an ancient spirit;and Daichi, a young Airbender. Elegys also seems to have some sort of connection to the Southern Water Tribe Chief, Nelekar, although the true nature of their relationship has yet to be explored.

With his team assembled, he brings them together for their first meeting. Together they concoct a plan to defeat the Avatar, and each is given specific roles in the time to come. From there, they travel to the Southern Water Tribe, where the confrontation is to take place.

Nelekar sends word to the Earth Queen and Fire Lord, asking for their presence at his Palace at the tribe to discuss alliance treaties. Unbeknownst to them, they are set upon by Tzekel-Kan, who is in control of a huge ice tiger statue. In the commotion, Elegys enters the Spirit World and becomes the Dark Avatar.

He emerges from the Spirit World and destroys the Fire Lord's airship, prepared for the battle that is surely to come.

In an effort to stabilise his position, as well as disrupt any work towards completion of Zulera City, Elegys implemented himself as the Leader of Omashu, with the help of Da-Zho, the leader of a rebellious known as the Ludines.
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A New Hope - The Dark Avatar Rises
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