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 Lost and Dying

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Lost and Dying Empty
PostSubject: Lost and Dying   Lost and Dying EmptyMon Oct 29, 2012 4:39 pm

Toka had encountered many beasts, people, and other things in her journey, but never had she felt so terrible. Her hands were shaking, and sweat beaded her pale face. She looked around, using her bending, but it sapped her strength quickly. She managed to get up a haphazard shelter, but rain was coming, a storm, and she knew that she would likely die out here.

Why didn't she bring someone with her? She walked into the small stone building she was calling home, and curled into a ball, pulling a blanket she had with her over her shivering body. She closed her eyes, and sighed softly, maybe she would be lucky, and be able to slip away in her sleep. She didn't want to feel it. First week into her trek and she already felt terrible. She must have caught something, some disease she hadn't encountered before.

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Lost and Dying
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