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 A Date

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PostSubject: A Date   Mon May 21, 2012 11:29 pm

Gysu was walking down the road. He wasn't wearing any armor, nor did he even have any form of weaponry on him. He was naked in the sense that he was absolutely defenseless. All around him people were walking to and fro, any one of them could be a thug or a gang leader. But today he was doing something special. It was their one year anniversary. and even though he could not surprise her with a trip to the swamps, he was still going to take her to a very fancy place. And he would even wear one of those silk shirts that he despised. And Mulanza was by his side, her stomach already showing signs of another pregnancy. Gysu knew that he wasn't there for the first few months of Breling's life. He wanted to make up for it by staying with his wife and their latest editions to the royal family. Despite the fact that it appeared that her mother disapproved of him and their marriage.
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A Date
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