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 Farewell to you

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PostSubject: Farewell to you    Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:38 pm

Athena packed heavly,she put on a nice size coat,she took a breath.She wanted to journey.She wanted to see the rest of the world.She walked out on the cool ice.She gave hugs to her closest friends and family and soon she appeoached the big ice gate."You sure you do not need a canoe?"Her father asked.Athena shook her head."I can surf."She said with a smile.Her dad rolled his eyes."Why do you always take the hard way?"Athena shrugged.She looked down at the cold water that move rapidly.She stood back then jumped in.Sinking to the bottom and coming back up with her feet in the water,soon moving the two big waves like shoes,she was walking to her next destination....
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Farewell to you
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