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 Back to my Home Town

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PostSubject: Back to my Home Town   Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:20 pm

After some time running away from the house she's supposed to rob, Shiva finally reached the heart of the forest. There she spent the night and in the morning she went straight to the Pier, stealing and robbing whoever she sees. She had enough money to buy a ferry ticket going back to the Fire Nation.

"I'll do something better at my hometown now this time." She thought as she walked inside the ferry boat. Her bag is full of useful things and gold coins now. Enough to start again back to where she really belong...and to fulfill her dream: to be a doctor...a REAL one.

She didn't care if her face will be in the Earth Kingdom's Wanted List. All she wants is to go back, be a doctor and take back what her family (The Li Family) has after the massacre.

She looked at the sunset, hoping to find a new life for her. She arrived at the Fire Nation the next day.
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Back to my Home Town
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