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PostSubject: {WIP}Shen{WIP}   Tue May 05, 2015 5:34 pm

  • Full Name: Shen Woo
  • Gender: Male.
  • Age: Nineteen years old.
  • Element: Fire.
  • Birthplace: Fire Nation.
  • Position: Outcast / Wanderer.


  • Fire Bending (Pyrokinesis) / Lightning Bending (Electrokinesis) : Expert.
  • Heat Sensory : Expert.
  • Hand-to-Hand : Expert.
  • Weaponry (Guns / Daggers / Lance) : Intermediate.
  • Picklock Skill : Intermediate.
  • Acrobatics Skill : Expert.
  • Traps Skill : Intermediate.
  • Strategic Skill : Intermediate.
  • Stealth Skill : Beginner.
  • Tech Savvy : Beginner.
  • Cooking Skill : Expert.

They hardly think he's qualified for anything upon judgement on sight for someone who seems that they’re nothing but perhaps a brat of society’s slum. It's tough to have an insight on Shen, whom often appears and acts as if there is nothing affecting his own world. Often times he is portrayed as someone who is seen as calm and sublime that often leads people to stare at him and at times, approach him. Truthfully under this exterior he is but a troubled young man seeking ambitions to find meaning behind his prowess. Given a mind of placing himself in a state of mind of constant adaptation, self-coherence, and following through / finishing what has been started. Within himself he is very black and white. Rarely does he enjoy the grey areas of things and often speculate it in his own way by pointing out the obvious that not many tend to agree with him. Although he means well for himself and a few others, he can be both a warm-hearted person and cold-hearted person. There have been times where his remorse for his ‘bad’ actions are often shrugged off or dismissed as nothing when they are a bigger deal for others. Causing many people who inevitably get to know Shen to push themselves away from him while claiming him to be un-compassionate to even the ones he ‘loves’. That is if he truly ‘loves’ them..

At rare times he can be hard-headed or even escalate into great anger whenever things do not accommodate with his expectations / pressing situations. However, he is an orthodox fellow who chooses to follow the crowd of society when given the chance. As proven when he began working in a restaurant within the Fire Nation as he's one to quickly pick up on tasks but performs admirably poor when uninterested. Though slowly working for the restaurant has opened his sense of being more understanding and compassionate despite it still being difficult for him to express or fully comprehend for those that do not seem to deserve it.. Throughout his travels among the Fire Nation and her neighbors; Shen has not yet filled an un-sated desire to be known, however, he feels negativity from a psychological point of view from everyone around him and questions anyone when they stare at him that is often mistaken for insecurity. Though this is because of past experiences with his relationships with others that helped developed this strange feeling. He has lived to cope with this feeling by picking up cigarettes and isolating himself from large crowds or placing himself where one is not required to talk to others. Though his attempts often fail at times as if there is always a corner waiting for him with a gold plate with his name written in bold. Despite being uncaring for most strangers, women seem to have the greatest soft spot for Shen. Most times he sees them as nothing but trouble but little does he know he has grown to appreciate few women for their company. At times there is something about women that Shen can never identify truthfully about women of their reason behind almost every action or word they do... Though he tends not to get into it as much and often tries ignoring to their irrationalities when presented.

Overall, Shen Woo is an interesting young man who continues to grow and wishes to grow but often causes strife of his own self. His goal is to be known and do something great enough for others to embrace his existence in hopes of purging the thoughts that everyone around him will fade out to black while leaving a lingering bitter taste.  


  • Fire Bending (Pyrokinesis) / Lightning Bending (Electrokinesis) : Expert.
    Having learned bending at the age of seven, he was rigorously taught how to control and manage his flames. His training ceased at the age of ten and since then he has taught himself from then on his own with interventions here and there by other Fire Benders he encountered. Up to the present he has become very proficient at his own art and his flames are not only bright in color they at times under great stress, emotional disturbance, or under the Comet do they turn fade into the color of purple.  

    Lightning was found through a form of aggression by his training. At first it blew up in his face without the realization of its form or progress. But through re-attempting the cause he learned the effect. It was found only through his calmness and collective mind that he found lightning. Though he is a troubled individual he is able to access lightning without a moments notice. Upon one of his fights a powerful opponent used lightning on Shen but he countered it with his own that sadly was redirect at Shen. Though he lost the battle he learned the knowledge of redirecting and practiced it after the encounter and faced the same opponent who lost at the surprise of such a quick achievement.
  • Heat Sensory : Expert.
    Since he was small he used this ability often at times to find the best place to sleep or find the presence of hiding children. This came almost naturally to him, but because of this he does not excel in training this particular ability.
  • Hand-to-Hand : Expert.
    Being in the streets have its perks, and in doing so there wasn't anything better than it to prepare him as an opponent. He's have always fought with instinct while being very aggressively and often overpowers his adversaries with sheer force and great counters. To be expected in a world of mixed martial artists, over the years of dispute between benders have Shen lost many and won many fights. Many speculate his fighting style is very similar to Yasakani style of ancient martial arts, which is a violent offensive style incorporating as claws.
  • Weaponry (Guns / Daggers / Lance) : Intermediate.
    He has come face to face with opponents with such weaponry that there were times that Shen used great skill with their own weaponry when stolen in the midst of battle. He has the basic knowledge and full understanding of these weapons to incorporate into his fighting style despite his lack of their usage. The exception of course is that he is not able to use them to their full potential. He is most fond of the lance however.
  • Picklock Skill : Intermediate.
    This has always been a small hobby for Shen since his youth. However, he was not aware of the fact during the time that the skill was being passed down onto him. Enough to the point where he is able to set himself free with the right tools for just about any lock. Of course with certain exceptions such as Shen isn't able to easily pick off newer locks without his tools.
  • Acrobatics Skill : Expert.
    Picked up along his path as a kid, Shen has gotten very used to leaping, keeping balance, and performing high risk maneuvers with his body throughout the city when kids used to do it. But he never stopped and kept continuing to excel in his speed and movement. To this day he is now able to compete on an almost par level with aerialists and climbers who use their skills to vault across the rooftops with seemingly effortless grace. Shen is able to climb and cling to any surface while also  giving him a unique way to approach both movement and combat.
  • Traps Skill : Intermediate.
    Having a good understanding of traps and recognizing them, Shen is able to incorporate this knowledge into his fighting style and social life.
  • Strategic Skill : Intermediate.
    Though sometimes not his strong suit when his head his getting riled up in the heat of moments, if having some preparations he is able to assimilate better moves and process things better when calm and collected.
  • Stealth Skill : Beginner.
    Tending to hide his presence, Shen knows only out of trial and error of masking himself from the crowd and learning new ways to truly become non-present.
  • Tech Savvy : Beginner.
    His knowledge of technology only has limits of what is considered common and the things he has seen through factories throughout the retribution centers of the Fire Nation. He isn't able to identify all gadgetry but has a good sense of those that he could.
  • Cooking Skill : Expert.
    Since the age of ten, Shen has worked in many food establishments to gain an understanding of how to cook, prepare a meal, and maintain fresh ingredients. This also goes to show that he does enjoy cooking but isn't at the level of a true professional. Despite this he is often commended for his efforts and ways of trying new things. He is still discovering his specialty.. Though most of it seems to be leaning on spices.

Height: Five foot eight. (5'8'' ft.)
Weight: One hundred and forty-eight pounds. (148 lb.)
Eyes: Yellow.
Hair: Red / Crimson.
Skin: Fair.


Weaponry & Other Gear:

Black Stones (x5)
Materials: Small pocket size carton with a bundle of fags.
Description: Shen buys these carton of cigarettes often when he can and smokes through two packs every week and a half or so. This has become his addiction.

History: (520)

Sample RP:*Optional only for members who have done a sample RP with an expert-tier character before* (420 words minimum, must be from character's point of view--3rd person and 1st person acceptable)

Character Box:
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