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 The Colonisation of Whaletail [CLOSED]

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PostSubject: The Colonisation of Whaletail [CLOSED]   Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:50 pm


The wind ruffled through the man’s long hair as he gazed out at the island. A steady stream of soldiers and civilians marched up from the sandy beach, erecting structures and carrying supplies as they went. The faint buzz of activity reached him even from his considerable distance, and it caused a faint smile to come to his face.

Whaletail Island had long been a territory that belonged to the Air Nomads, but it had been abandoned for several years now, without any kind of activity on or around the island. Even so, his foray onto its shores and colonisation of the island was technically an act of war – if anybody found out about it.

“Sir? We just received another report.”

Nelekar turned around slowly, his mind loathing to set its attention on anything other than the task at hand. His Vice Admiral stood before him holding a sheet of parchment, and Nelekar ripped it from his grasp. His eyes darted over the words upon it, frowning as he read the message it held. He handed it back to his subordinate and turned around, gazing at the island once more.

”Sen Lin Village has been hit. Both the village and the forest surrounding it have been burned to a crisp.”

He knew who had done this. The forest within which Sen Lin had been built was home to a much more ancient entity – the Hei Bai spirit. And only one person would go to such lengths to obtain such a prize. He shuddered at the thought of how powerful Tzekel-Kan must have become to track down the ancient spirit, the rays from the sun not seeming to warm him up as goosebumps appeared along his bare forearms.

”I want you to go ashore and oversee the rest of the colonisation, Vice Admiral.” He turned his head slightly, so that he could see the man out of the corner of his eye. ”You have three days to set up operations here, and then the fleet moves on. This is just a stepping stone, you know that.”

The man saluted and then moved away, apparently eager to fulfil his commanding officer’s orders. Nelekar sighed, his gaze following a seagull as it circled the ships in the harbour.

War was coming – but he would be ready for it when it arrived.

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The Colonisation of Whaletail [CLOSED]
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