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 Xiahou Yuan [WIP]

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Xiahou Yuan
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PostSubject: Xiahou Yuan [WIP]   Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:50 am

Full Name: Xiahou Yuan
   Gender: Male
   Age: 16
   Element: Air
   Birthplace: Southern air Temple
   Position: Student

  • Air bending - Intermediate

  • Glider - Intermediate

  • Hand to hand - Begginer

  • Polearm - Intermediate


   Personality: Despite having a distrust issue, Xiahou Yuan is usually friendly to anyone else who he meets. He is fond of being both relaxed and humorous, and while he does spend the majority of his time training skills, and hoping one day to master the art of Air bending, he does spend his time in mediation, contemplating of the past, and how he should move forward in the future.

When it comes down to performing his duty to the Air people and to the Air Nation, however, he approaches it with the same grim seriousness expected from every Air Nomad and will not hesitate to end the fighing from any criminal, bender or otherwise, who he feels is a danger and a threat to peace. He is very dutiful about performing all of his orders to the best of his ability unless they either conflict with the balance or he feels that it is wrong.

                       Air bending



                       Hand to Hand

   Height: 5'7
   Weight: 132 lbs
   Eyes: Sky Blue
   Hair: Jet Black
   Skin: Caucasian

(yeah, obviously remove the cat ears)

Xiahou Yuan can be considered a fairly attractive young man with an average, lean build and an easy smile to add towards his charming feautre. His hair is cut short and is very styled, with unique hair pins, but just being long enough to give him a short fringe which he brushes over to the right, as well as trying to cover up the claw like scar on his right eye that he recieved from an incident when he was young. The young airbender also has jet black hair, and sky blue eyes to see and observe the magnificent orld around him in all it's glory.

Whilst within the Air Nation, Xiahou Yuan wears the traditional Air nomad robes with pride. Though when he travels around the world, Xiahou Yuan takes on a more different set of clothing whilst traveling. Should Xiahou Yuan travel to different parts of the 4 Nations, he wears a battle uniform, with a scarf like cape, with a matching light grey colour to his armour.  

   Weaponry & Other Gear:

   Item Name Fēilóng Máo - (Translation for Flying Dragon Spear)
   Materials: Steel
   Description: A (chinese) Polearm weapon with Air Nomad design, as well as being modified with Glider equipment.

   History: (320)

"Everyone uses lies. On family, friends, in society. Yet every man, woman and child wears a different face. But is that a sin? What is one's true face?" ~ Xiahou Yuan
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Xiahou Yuan [WIP]
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