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 Zefira Raeya Zhan

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PostSubject: Zefira Raeya Zhan   Zefira Raeya Zhan EmptySun Sep 07, 2014 4:43 pm

Full Name: Zefira "Zeffie" Raeya Zhan
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Element: Water
Birthplace: Seedy Merchant's Pier
Position: Scholar; Heiress; "Princess"
Training: (List bending/weapon tier(s) here)
Waterbending: Intermediate
Healing: Intermediate/Expert
Self-Defense: Expert
Artistry: Expert

Personality: (197/140) Zeffie is very much like her mother--playful, calm, laid-back, easy-going, and fearless. While she is rich enough due to her mother's estates, she is also very shrewd and cunning with how she manages her money. She can put on a very professional air when she wishes to, and performs business accordingly. She is actually also rather studious, taking a particular fond interest in history, and she even studies it at the Ba Sing Se University as she works towards becoming a history major.
While she might seem like a departure from her wild pirate mother, Zefira is actually very similar to her, even to the point of being fairly... "open" with herself and having next to no shame. She is a good-looking woman and knows how to use it to her advantage, and sometimes enjoys such "breaks from the grind", so to speak (unless of course, said grinding involves her pressing her body against someone). Ultimately though, it is her astuteness that really reminds people of her mother, and that is a trend that does not seem to be disappearing. She also enjoys sketching and painting, her subjects usually being from a historical or attractive perspective.

Abilities: (189/140) Zefira is a moderately talented waterbender, although her true expertise lies in healing. She is fairly skilled at defending herself, and could hold her own in most basic levels of fighting. In order to present something of a "dignified" image of herself, Zefira also is rather skilled in elegant arts such as sketching or painting, which she actually rather enjoys as a nice outlet for entertainment some more wilder (sexual or otherwise) options are not so easily available.
It is also for this reason that Zefira studies history. She does not do it out of grudgingly trying to hold a facade (now at least), but her studies did help her take a more civilized approach to life, and so Zefira is definitely a connoisseur of the finer things in life, especially considering her wealth.
One of her other talents is that Zeffie is a rather shrewd and astute businesswoman, who runs a money business giving loans to people or companies. She is very adept at making sure debts are paid, but despite this, she is not a crook or anything. Her dealings are honest--except perhaps her gambling ones.

Appearance: (154/140) IMAGE!
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Brown

Zefira is a bronze-skinned, curvy young lady with a slender hourglass figure with a soft face and beautiful features. Given her noble life that she was reared in, she usually dresses rather nicely in shades of blue, white, or purple. She also likes dark Earth Kingdom greens, and is content in knowing she even looks good in university attire.
Underneath the dresses and clothes, however, she also possesses an elaborate silvery-white Water Tribe tattoo across her right side, from the side of her right breast down to her thigh. She also has a small brown lotus tattoo on her left shoulder.
Perhaps the most unusual thing about the elegant little rich lady though, is that her hair is rather wild, full of braids and beads, almost like dredlocks. While it may look a bit ragged and unkempt, it is actually very well-cared for and soft, and she does enjoy when people play with it.

History: (404/320) Zefira is the bastard child of Sandria Raeya Zhan and an unknown man. Given her mother's promiscuous nature, it could be one of probably a few dozen men that could be the candidate for the father. Similarly, and perhaps almost comically, Zefira also just laughs any time someone jokes about "her mother being a whore", given that she pretty much was one.
Despite the lack of a father though, Zefira was reared well and carefully. Raeya was the Queen of the Seas, and had been quite a masterful and cunning pirate back in her day, though she moved into retirement when Zeffie was still rather young.

However, she did not retire poor and broke--quite the opposite in fact. She still has her old ship even, but she is also tucked away in a large, grand estate where she lives with her daughter, who will inherit whatever is left of the family fortune when Raeya finally passes on (though the old Pirate Queen still has plenty of years left in her).

Despite raising her daughter in a wealthy atmosphere, Raeya did not let her be lazy. Instead, she got the child the best education money could buy, and then shipped her off the university after that (well, sort of. She *does* own an estate in Ba Sing Se as well), where she studies history.

Zefira was primped up by Raeya to appear  as a well-standing businesswoman and noblewoman. Thus, she took subjects like painting and sketching, as well as literacy courses and history. The ironic part was that Zefira actually took great interest in all of these things, and so now enjoys them on her own free will rather than at her mother's request.

Despite her mother having never really explained how she came to be while not having any siblings (for Zefira was, in fact, an unintended consequence of a romp). Zefira figured it out easily enough. She is unbothered by her mother's behaviors, and has taken some of them up herself, including the promiscuity, even if it's slightly behind more closed doors than her mother's were.

Ultimately though, Zefira gets by, by running a loaning business. Initially she used her mother's wealth to get herself started, but now makes considerable money on her own, and thus Raeya does not mind if Zefira uses some of her money or resources now and again--she's bring productive, and so Raeya sees no problem here...

Sample RP:
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Zefira Raeya Zahn

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PostSubject: Re: Zefira Raeya Zhan   Zefira Raeya Zhan EmptySun Sep 07, 2014 5:48 pm

I approve! <3

I just want to feel needed... *sobs*

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Zefira Raeya Zhan
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