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 Lyndis Jay Montoya II

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Lyndis Jay Montoya II Ljm2

Full Name: Lyndis Jay Montoya II
Nickname: "The Butcher"
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Element: Air
Birthplace: Eastern Air Temple
Position: "Criminal-Slayer" (vigilante?)
Airbending: Expert Level
Knife-wielding: Expert Level
Knife-throwing: Expert level
Hand-to-hand: Expert Level

Personality: (297)
It is well-known that Lyndis has a few bolts loose up there, but she makes for an interesting character. She will openly flirt with anyone of any age and any gender, although this in turn leaves her sexuality a mystery, because no one is sure how much she actually means of it. Lyndis is also resoundingly stubborn, proud, and passionate, and will almost never admit that she's wrong. she won't necessarily rip someone's head off for it, but she will seldom concede defeat under most circumstances. Truth of the matter is that Lyndis is bisexual and will hit on anyone regardless of gender. She is as likely to come up to someone, grab their face and give them a big sloppy kiss before laughing and walking away; as she is to come up to someone, stab them in the back, and walk away as if nothing had happened. However, she only does that to people she hates, and she had a very specific line of people she despises.
If there is one thing that Lyndis hates, it is people who turn to crime who try to exploit or torment others. Anything from thugs and gangs to murderers ends up on the other end of her wrath if she catches them. She’s almost like a vigilante, except that she is rather brutal in her slaughtering of them, being a bit “trigger-happy” and dare I say a bit bloodthirsty as well. On the other hand, she is not likely to just suddenly kill someone just because she can. There is a very systematic method to her madness. However, her large grin and lack of much speech makes her seem more deranged than anything. She will give a nickname to almost anyone she meets, regardless of who they are.

Abilities: (238)
Lyndis is fast and strong, and has a very precise aim, along with considerable skill at throwing heavy objects. She is talented with axes and butcher knives, do to her heavy usage of the latter. She is very light on her feet, as demonstrated by the fact that she is never seen wearing shoes . She almost always has throwing knives or daggers on her person that she can whip out any time. She is lithe and has swift reflexes as well.
Even without knives, Lyndis is very skilled at hand-to-hand combat and street-fighting, given that she usually got into some kind of scuffle every day, winning some and losing others. She was a promising recruit for the Tekina-Kaze, although was rejected by Xilingshi because she was too unnecessarily violent and seemed a bit mentally unstable.
Despite her instability and craziness, Lyndis is actually a very talented airbender. She has not received her master’s tattoos given that she is not a master, but she is powerful, swift, and skilled at what she does. Her insane reflexes, coupled with her airbending-enhanced speed make her a dangerous foe, and so if she locks her eyes onto a fleeing criminal, she will bring him to (her own twisted version of) justice.  Lyndis is skilled and evasive herself, which may explain why this rogue “vigilante” (if she can even be called such) has not been brought to real justice of her own.

Appearance: (215)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 105 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Fair
Lyndis is a scraggly little thing that has light skin, and her small, lean, 105-lb frame which stands at 5'2" is built for speed. her head is inhabited by dense, wild hair that is both loose and curly and dark brown in color. other than usually being covered in blood from butcher's work, Lyndis is often seen in jeans and a loose-fitting shirt, and without shoes as well. Lyndis has prominent brown eyes that give her a mean-looking glare when she's angry. Her wild head of hair helps the intimidating look, but she isn't exactly hard on the eyes when she's not angry.
Luckily, she is seldom ever angry, but she is often covered in blood, which is just about as intimidating or moreso, despite the girl’s small height. Most of the time it’s just animal blood from her profession, but other times it is human blood when she’s made a kill. She sometimes tries to clean the blood out of her clothes, but otherwise it just stays till she changes her clothing.  When she cleans up though, she usually looks pretty nice though. However, her hands and feet are usually dirty—her hands from the blood, and her feet from the dirt since she never wears shoes and has never been seen wearing any.

Weaponry & Other Gear:

Item Name: "The Girls"
Materials: Steel
Description: A large array of otherwise ordinary throwing knives

Item Name: Koume & Kotake
Materials: Steel
Description: A pair of crescent-shaped daggers

Item Name: Glider-Staff Thingy
Materials: Wood
Description: A folding glider-staff, standard issue for most Airbenders

History: (555)
Lyndis was born on a dark and stormy might around 20 years ago in the Eastern Air Temple. She did not spend very long there, however, as the free-spirited Air Nomads that were her parents took her to the Earth Kingdom, where they did in fact settle down for a bit, lost among the crowds in the titanic city of Ba Sing Se. As soon as she was old enough, Lyndis was taught in the ways of becoming a butcher, which she picked up on quite well. She enjoyed blood, mostly from an interested standpoint rather than a sadistic one, although otherwise, she lived a rather happy little childhood and such. It was not very eventful other than the occasional trip to one of the Air Temples (usually the Eastern or the Western ones, but sometimes the Northern Air Temple as well, given where they lived in relation to its location).
Except for one day, when she was around 15 or 16, her home was broken into in the middle of the night, and the thugs who had done it attacked and killed her parents, nearly also doing in Lyndis as well. However, instead, the plucky lass managed to grab some trusty knives, and she made quick but very messy work of the offending individuals.  It was after this that she vowed to be a defender of the innocent, and so she made her way to the Western Air Temple to speak to a woman named Xilingshi, about joining her special-ranked group, the Tekina-Kaze.
She flourished as she breezed through the tests, but at the end of it, the master airbender concluded that Lyndis was just a little *too* vicious and violent to join the ranks, and so she was rejected. However, that did not faze or deter Lyndis, and so instead she just took up her own mantle as a self-proclaimed “slayer of criminals”, deciding that she would protect those who could not defend themselves with or without the Air nomads’ blessing.
In the meantime though, she opened a butcher shop in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se, and so herself is a big meat eater. She runs this humble business without a hitch most of the time, although now and again she finds herself being involved in more bloody matters—which says something, since she deals with a lot of meat and thus a lot of blood.
She cares little for names though, and will instead give people nicknames that she doesn’t kill. She’s luckily not about to start stabbing random civilians in the back or anything, but wo until the one who so much as tries to get away with stealing in front of her, for she comes down hard and fast.
Lyndis travels now and again, but usually finds herself being pulled back to Ba Sing Se or other large, crime-ridden cities. She feels like she is doing her part in this regard to make the world a better place, although her want from the world is a very specific one. She wishes to go down in history being remembered as someone who mattered, for better or for worse. She doesn’t so much care about the attention—she just wants to make a difference, even if she’s crazy enough to do something wild or out there. Time will tell…

Character Box:

Lyndis Jay Montoya II

Mugging... Lyndis never understood why people felt like they could just beat up someone weaker than them, take their stuff, and run away. there were certainly worse people out there--rapists, murderers, and such, but Lyndis dealt with them accordingly. She had made quite a mess one time out of a man trying to molest a young schoolgirl. Sure the kid might have needed a new uniform after all the blood from Lyndis' violent act against the perpetrator, but better than than to let the poor youngster be defiled.

No one really knew who this woman was, other than that she was an airbender. She hardly spoke other than perhaps saying "Glad that's taken care of..." or something after messily slaughtering a problematic individual. Justice could not hold her down, and neither could any place. She'd work where she was needed to, but otherwise she lived as a free nomad.

The easiest way to find Lyndis Jay Montoya II... was to follow the trail of blood and bodies of foolish miscreants. If people minded their own business and didn't try to harm others though... well, it was no way to summon The Butcher, for one...
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Lyndis Jay Montoya II
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