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 Noriko Tatsumi

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PostSubject: Noriko Tatsumi   Noriko Tatsumi EmptyThu Sep 19, 2013 3:34 pm

Full Name: Noriko Tatsumi

Gender: Female
Age: 32
Element: Fire
Birthplace: Omashu
Position: Retired Soldier, Masked Vigilante
Training: Wakizashi, dual-wield (master), Firebending (master), Wakizashi, single blade (expert), Explosives (expert), Tactics (expert), Combat, hand-to-hand (expert), Survival (expert), Katana (intermediate), Throwing Knives (intermediate)


Personality: (315) This little lady is a hard nut to crack. Because of her experiences on the battlefield, Noriko feels set apart from other people; the exception to that being other veterans, with whom she shares a strong comradery almost instantly.  She would tell you that she has no friends, but rather that she had brothers in arms, whom she would lay her life on the line for.

Often sullen and withdrawn, she finds it hard to forge any kind of meaningful relationship with other people and has since become a self-imposed loner. Despite that, her sense of justice is strong and she will often try to right any wrongs she comes across, even if her methods are frowned upon.

When she finds herself spending a lot of time with someone, Noriko is the master of uncomfortable silences, leading to strange tangents of conversation. Rather than getting to know another person through talking, she becomes familiar with them through fighting, side by side, learning the subtle intricacies of their personality that way. Once she does feel that comradery with someone, all of her barriers fall and she will trust them with her life – almost immediately after making the connection.

If confronted with too many questions, or an argument, or even a simple unknown factor, Noriko will sometimes respond aggressively – occasionally even violently – simply because her training is so ingrained into her. On the other hand, if a loud, unexpected noise happens to startle her, she will dive for cover, instantly panicked. As such, she can’t stand fireworks.

In quieter moments, Noriko enjoys pitting her wits against other players in games of Pai Sho or Shogi. Her tactics are often straight forward, though she may surprise one with an unexpected move, now and again. She is also guilty of having a sweet tooth, loving cookies and candy; it’s the one quirk that she kept, from her happy childhood.

Abilities: (308) Once a soldier in the Earth Kingdom Army, Noriko has basic combat and survival skills, as well as proficiency in applied explosives and tactical maneuvers. Blasting jelly is something that she often applies, even now that she is the Crimson Spirit, to break and enter, or to intimidate. Another small incendiary that she never approved of before, smoke pellets are now also a valuable tool in her line of work.

Her weapons training was mostly based around her dual-wakizashi blades, which she had kept since her time on the battlefield. Because the blades are shorter than the average katana, she can employ them with surprising agility and accuracy, without worrying about the blades getting caught in her opponents, forcing her to waste precious time yanking them out.  Noriko can also use a katana passably, if necessary.

Since becoming the Crimson Spirit, Noriko has begun using throwing knives – previously considered to be a coward’s weapon – and other small darts. Both her aim and the force of her blows are proficient, because she has been practicing since she left the military.

Her firebending abilities are advanced, though mainly in close quarters combat, where she wraps her hands in flames to augment her punches and open-hand strikes, or to block other similar firebending abilities from her opponents. Noriko is also able to create what she calls flame daggers, which she uses if ever unable to reach her blades in time to block an oncoming assault. The most powerful technique in her arsenal was something that her oldest brother taught her; the fire comet. By compressing the flames as tightly as she can, into a ball, she then launches it at her opponent, where the fire then expands, enveloping the target in scorching heat.

Natural sources of fire tend to react explosively to Noriko’s anger, showing her strong affinity to the element.

Height:  5’5”
Weight: Lithe
Eyes: Dark Grey
Hair: Black
Skin: Lightly Tanned

(324) Though the natural curve of her mouth lends easily to smiles, they don’t often reach her eyes, which gives her a strange, haunted sort of look. Noriko would be very beautiful, if not for the underlying hardness she possesses. Her black hair is silky and smooth, framing her face despite the bun she pulls it up into, and her form is nice enough, kept in shape by her consistent training. Curves, however, are minimal, and when she covers up entirely, once might almost mistake her for an athletic young man.

Scars run the entire length of both her arms – born from flying shrapnel, and cauterizing flames – as well as across her back and shoulders. There are two larger scars at her hip and thigh, which were earned in close combat with a mounted soldier in the war. As such, her clothing nearly covers everything from her neck down, save for her fingers, which are loose to help her grip. Her clothing also hides the tattoo down her right arm, which reads ‘Brothers in Arms’, as well as a list of names.

If there is a need for her to dress up – which has only happened once, ever – she allows her hair to fall free, and she slips into a gown under extreme protest. Generally, however, her clothing is dark and loose, allowing for a wide range of motion, even if she is only planning a jaunt to the market to shop for supplies.

Noriko does not carry a supply pack or bag; instead, she separates her things into small amounts and distributes them into small or hidden pockets about her person, to avoid being pick-pocketed. Thankfully, her clothes and under-armor are loose enough to avoid showing suspicious lumps. The only thing she does carry visibly is her canteen, which hangs over one shoulder. Aside from that, her mask and cowl are used only for when she is incognito, but are always close at hand.

Weaponry & Other Gear:

Wakizashi Blades
Materials: Folded Steel, Cord Ties
Description: Weapons that Noriko used during the war, and continues to use to this day. The wakizashi blades are shorter than a katana, and thus allow her to dual-wield them with increased agility.

Crimson Spirit Noh Mask
Materials: Carved, Painted Wood
Description: Painted red, black and white, the mask is similar to the mask of the Blue Spirit, from the old stories surrounding Avatar Aang. It is used purely to hide Noriko’s features, during her heroic, slightly illegal, vigilantisms.

History: (728) Over one hundred years ago, during Firelord Ozai’s war, Noriko’s great-grandparents moved away from the Fire Nation Capitol and settled, instead, into one of the colonies, in the Earth Kingdom. There, they started their family, and, generations later, the Tatsumi family was still living in the Earth Kingdom, rather than the Fire Nation. Before she was born, Noriko’s parents made the journey to Omashu, where her father joined their militia – a firebender among a slue of earthbenders.

Noriko was then born as the fourth child; a single girl among three boys. Though all four children were firebenders, they also considered themselves as citizens, solely, of the Earth Kingdom, and so each followed in their father’s footsteps, joining the army once they were each of age. Her eldest brother rose to the rank of Colonel, and her two older brothers became Lieutenants, working mostly with separate infantry troops. Against her mother’s wishes, Noriko enlisted when she was only eighteen, joining the Battle of the Tipping Scales.

While she was a dedicated soldier, Noriko never rose through the ranks, staying as a simple foot soldier for the duration of her military stint; as such, her brothers affectionately referred to her as their ‘little grunt’. While she was in battle, Noriko proved herself proficient in explosives, close combat and tactics. While she followed orders, she followed them very loosely; her assignments would be completed, but she often found herself reprimanded, even as she was being praised. This is likely the reason that she was never officially promoted, even though she was given more leeway.

Noriko spent a fair amount of time in the medical tents, but her wounds were never serious enough to keep her there… until a soldier who rode atop a komodo rhino gave her a critical injury, striking at her waist and thigh with his blunted kanabo. He was dispatched by nearby soldiers, Noriko was unable to stand, and was quickly removed from the battlefield, protesting – practically kicking and screaming – the whole way. Her recovery was painful and long, due to the extent of the internal damage done, but she struggled through it, returning to her squad.

Though they were not a publically important part of the war, Noriko and the other soldiers in her unit had several successful missions, strengthening their bond and assisting the overall effort. As the war dragged on, one of her brothers in arms lost his legs from the knees down and was permanently removed from combat. The rest pushed on, right into a trap. Noriko was the only one who survived, having been at the rear of the unit. The shrapnel pierced her arms and her shoulders, but she survived. Once the war was over, Noriko was honorably discharged from service and sent on her way with a small military pension.

Returning home to Omashu, where nothing had changed, was out of the question, after she, herself, had changed so much. Traveling the roads to Ba Sing Se, Noriko was confronted by bandits – which she had expected – but she was also placed on the same path as corrupted officials and soldiers. Enraged by what she saw, by the blatant disrespect of the front-line infantry and those who had given their lives to end this sort of corruption, Noriko had pledged to do a little more purging, alone. Donning a red Noh mask, she became the Crimson Spirit; counterpart to the Blue Spirit from the stories of Avatar Aang.

In the smaller towns and villages, her exploits as the Crimson Spirit became legendary, scaring away criminals, from pick-pockets to drug cartels. As they became safer, Noriko’s net grew wider. She traveled farther and farther, dispelling more and more crime as she went. It was gratifying in a way that serving in the war had never been; before taking up her masked persona, Noriko never saw the fruits of her labors – the labors of all the soldiers she had served with. Now, she observed them first-hand, and saw that they made things better.

She had always believed that the ends had never justified the means, but Noriko was no longer bound by the same system of judgment. The system was faulty, and her duty was to smooth out the kinks. Let the leaders of the Four Nations worry about their wars, their borders, and their balance… The Crimson Spirit would purge the darkness within.

Reasons Why You Believe You Deserve a Master-Tier Character/Position:
While I am very new to the site, I have been on to RP and chat at least once every day; if not all day, which is more usual. I also hold my writing to a high standard, keeping in-character actions separate with out of character interactions. My typing is usually without error – though if there is, I am more than happy to fix it – and I do my best to keep up with the threads I join. I also like to think that I’m a happy, accepting person, and so I wouldn’t somehow abuse any power that I was afforded.

**Required of ALL Master Tier Characters**

Character Box:

Noriko Tatsumi

Silent footfalls, nearly estinto, propelled the Crimson Spirit through the darkness along the outer wall of Ba Sing Se, toward the Upper Ring. The proclamation had been delivered to Mokoto Shirogane – leader of the Half-Baked Dragon drug cartel – the previous evening. It read: “now you answer for your crimes; the crimson spirit comes”. While prevalent in the outlaying towns and villages, the masked marauder had never been seen in the Earth Kingdom capital city… until now.

All around the manor, security had been tightened; ruffians, rather than soldiers, patrolled the perimeter, intent on keeping the so-called spirit away this night. While some were mercenaries, merely adding their strength to the highest bidder, several were junkies, being paid in more product from the cartel. Of the addicts, hands shook and cold sweat broke out, each second counted until their precious payoff – they were bodies to be thrown at the intruder.

A small Pai Sho tile, the black law token, slid across the board, placing the golden coin token into check.

Reaching the back gardens, light by softly flickering lanterns, the small shrouded figure jumped from the wall, landing quietly on the grass below. One, two, three, four guards roamed the well-manicured lawn, circling the flowerbeds and a single large water feature; two were junkies, but the other two were grizzled swords-for-hire.

Slinking through the shadows in a slow, crawling crouch, the Crimson Spirit drew close to a man in the later stages of withdrawals. In a single sweeping gesture, the small, withered figure fell, clutching at his neck, unable to withdraw the barbed needles sticking out in a gathered group of three. It was a swift, silent strike, and it set off no alarms. Grabbing the man’s boots, the masked spirit drew him backward, dragging him beneath a large berry bush.

The small fish tile was captured, signified by flipping it over. The black law token continued its bid into the next square, nearing the target.

A single mercenary stood between the garden and the house, his face illuminated by a tiny flickering light as he lit a hand rolled cigar. When the shadows moved, his neck slip open, blood splattered the grass, and he fell with wide eyes, before he was even able to shout. His death approached unforeseen.

Breeching the wooden platform upon which the large house rested, the masked invader slipped into the open-air hallway. Noriko – for it was she – skirted along the darkness cast by the garden’s lanterns, moving deeper into the labyrinthine estate. This mission was just like any other, and yet it was unique, because it was the first that Ba Sing Se had ever seen of her work. She had seen the darkness cast upon the city by Shirogane and his supposed miracle cure; with his death, he would atone.

Flitting around the board, capturing another token in its wake, the black law tile closed in on the golden coin at the center of the board. It was a bid for victory.

There was a single light visible through the thin paper doors, which lead to a small study. Inside, the master of the house waited patiently for the daylight hours to approach, for the sun to ignite the sky and herald the failure of the Crimson Spirit. His faith was in his security, and in the infamy of his station – no vigilante would dare assault his network… or so he had thought.

The doors slid open noiselessly, but the movement was reflected in a small mirror kept on the desk, catching Shirogane’s eye. He spun around, prepared to berate another of his repeat clients for bothering him during their shift; instead, he came face to face with the red painted Noh mask. In a panic, the knife was drawn and slashed at the black-clad intruder, “Get back!”

The golden coin tile moved a single square backward, but the black law token followed.

“You will not have me!” Came the second shout, even as the drug lord’s eyes were filled with fear; his plan had involved staying safe behind his barrier of human shields – it always had – but now he was exposed. Though she usually kept these quick and simple, Noriko couldn’t resist sliding her mask and cowl back, revealing her face. “A woman?” His frightened tones took on a skeptical twang, “No woman can kill me!” Though he was unaware of it, his fingers were loosening on the grip of his blade, unable to hold on.

Noriko allowed a slight curve to her lips, but the smile did not reach her eyes. This time, when she took a step forward, it was unopposed; Shirogane slide down the side of his desk, his legs failing to support his body. Drawing her own blade, Noriko, the Crimson Spirit, crouched above the dying man, the blade aimed straight down at his neck. “You will atone,” With those three words, she leaned into the blade, plunging it into the terrified criminal’s spluttering neck, ending his breaths forever.

Another tile, the white lily, had flanked the golden coin tile, cutting off its route of escape.

There was a commotion in the garden; it was time to go. Escaping through the window, Noriko pulled her cowl back up over her hair, replacing the Noh mask with both hands. Her escape was not as silent as her arrival. Moving through the garden, and then up over the wall, several of the remaining security force caught sight of her – the mercenaries shouting and giving chase, while the junkies fell to the ground in jibbering messes, bemoaning the loss of their supplier. The Crimson Spirit was there and gone.

The poison from the strychnos flower had completed its task, paralyzing Shirogane so that her blade could find him silently. Noriko had killed him before he had even turned around; the dart protruding from his neck was full of the poison, which would have resulted in asphyxiation, had she chosen to make her escape like smoke on the wind. But she couldn’t do that – Noriko needed this to be public. She wanted the criminals of Ba Sing Se to quiver in their beds, to keep both eyes open at all times, wary of her approach. The Crimson Spirit had come, and it would judge them all unworthy of their lives.

The black law tile retreated to the edge of the board, ready for another strike, but not before flipping over the golden coin. Its capture was a pivotal point of the game.

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Condition: Good
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This had elements that reminded me of a cross between Xilingshi, Laksha, and Chuck Norris [/badass] Wink

I like it. Although I still want to poke her tummy. xD

I heartily APPROVE!
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