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 Z. Katara Len

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PostSubject: Z. Katara Len   Z. Katara Len EmptyWed Mar 06, 2013 4:55 am

time to mix things up.

Z. Katara Len Zkt

Full Name: "They call me many things. My full name, however, is Katara Zelgius Montoya 2. I do not hear it enough."
Gender: "I am a girl."
Age: "You don't need to know my age. Take a look at me. I'm a teenager. You can probably figure out that it's somewhere between about 15 and 18 unless you're blind."
Element: "I wear red. My skin is warm. I spew fire when I'm angry. Take a guess." Katara is obviously a firebender.
Birthplace: "None of your damn business." Katara was born presumably in the Fire Nation.
Position: "What?"
Training: "Training? what training? When you're on the run, you can't really stop and train yourself, you have to make do what what you can teach yourself on the fly. That's what the crazy old witch told me anyways."

Personality: (289) "This is deep territory you're plunging into. Dangerous too. Some say that there is a lot to tell about little ol' me, others say that I'm a demented child. Both are probably right. If you had a childhood like mine, you would probably be thinking the same way..."
Katara was a fierce, rash, and often times irrationally violent young lady with some serious anger issues. She is vicious towards some people for no good reason, and is trouble when she is sighted. She also suffers from severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, being very easily startled, feeling very tense especially when she knows people are nearby, and recurring memories of the horrific events in her miserable childhood.
This type of alertness distances herself away from most people and society, but she is too cautious to attack someone from the get-go. She is very wary and distrusting of people, and therefore is also somewhat cunning. She is a very deep thinker who analyzes every situation she can to the best of her ability. She is also very determined, particularly to pick up the firebending motion sense to make up for the eyesight that she lost.
Katara cares little for her appearance and is horrendously blunt in her manner of speech. She is very distrusting, and so gives out little information about herself if she can avoid it. However, if someone is able to warm up for her, they have gained a friend for life--because if you ever betray that friendship, she will hunt you down.
Katara is a cunning tactician, and despite her ferocity, is actually very intelligent. It doesn't stop her from being irrationally vicious sometimes, but if she is calm enough to think things through, she is thoroughly wily.
Underneath this viciously hardened shell however, is a very gentle and passive girl who enjoys simple things in life and cherishes any of the few friendships she does make. She is rather sweet and kind provided she does not get nervous, and is very pleasant to be around in this case. As she matures, she tries more to remain calm and passive, for she greatly dislikes fighting, despite her power.

Abilities: (235) "I breathe fire, I shoot fire, and I throw fire, punches, and kicks... sometimes it's combinations of all of the above. Piss me off enough and it's red lightning for you."
Katara is an absolute powerhouse. She is bursting with great amounts of raw energy. However, this comes at a heavy price, including that she cannot control it. She is as dangerous as she claims she is, but she is not a very good fighter because she has no control over her power. She has great amounts of potential, however, given the amount of energy she can release with a bolt of fire or electricity. However, her obvious lack of control also indicates a lack of skill, and she is therefore much better at just throwing regular fists and feet. While she is an excellent brawler, her bending often gets in the way, as the sheer amount of power contained in her small body can have a surge and strike out, usually misfiring on her and blasting her off her feet.
She can concentrate her energy to form lightning, but this almost always backfires on her or shoots off in some awry direction. if she slows and calms down enough, she can control it, but that is seldom possible in an actual fight, and her hair-trigger temper often doesn't allow it to do that for her. her rage has fueled her firebending on many occasions.
Recently she discovered the power behind the heat sense, which could augment her ability to get around to replace the sense she lost. However, she is barely learning this skill, and so has a long way to go before she masters it.

Appearance: "I... look like a girl, right? Last time I saw myself I did  anyways. I can't have changed that much since then, can I?"
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 102 lbs
Eyes: White (formerly gold)
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Brown

Katara is a rather pretty but very unkempt woman. Small and thin even for a teenager her age, Katara shes signs of her wear and tear. her skin is dark brown, indicating possible origins in parts of the Fire Nation around Shu-Jing, or she might even have some 'Tribal blood in her. Her eyes, formerly a brilliant shade of amber, are now completely white, because the damage done to them never healed. she bears two gashes around each of her eyes, which was where the damage was done. these never properly healed either, and occasionally blood might leak out one or more of them.
Despite her size, Katara is deceptively tough, and notoriously resilient. After all, she survived the attack the destroyed her eyes, coming out with only a few scars. She has long, messy curly hair, and wears shades of red. she wears loose trousers and a loose short-sleeved shirt, arm-length fingerless gloves, and occasionally fire nation style boots. other times she goes barefoot. The upper ridges of her ears are adorned with small golden ring-piercings (3 on each side), and she occasionally wears a pair of golden hoop earrings in her lobes. She has a healthy dose of natural beauty that would make her look especially good if she smiled, or if she ever cleaned herself up, but those are seldom. Katara does little to maintain her appearance, and so she often looks a little grizzly. She also always carries a staff with her which she uses as a "seeing-eye-cane." so to speak.
Incidentally, while Katara is fine with removing most of her clothing if the necessity ever arises, she is extremely hesitant to ever remove her gloves. (251)
[also... bonus IMAGE! ]

Weaponry & Other Gear: "I carry a simple wooden staff to prod at my surroundings with. Not all of us are blessed with motion senses yet."

History: (551) "ugh... that's really the last thing I want to talk about."

Katara's unsavory outward personality stems from her miserable childhood. It obviously did not always start that way. She used to love happily with her parents and siblings. However, after she began exhibiting great amounts of power, her family became the target of while cultists hoping to exploit her power. However, hers was a powerful family, and so they had no trouble defending against them.
Unfortunately, the story worsens from here.

Instead of trying to get to Katara, they began picking off her family members one by one. Now, some things in life are best left unseen, and by a 4-year-old child... death is certainly one of them. she was traumatized when they got her first sibling. it got worse as more and more of her famiyl was chipped away, until, by the age of 9, she was the only one left. With nowhere else to go, she too was quickly captured.
She was fierce in her struggle to escape, but even then, tests had been done on her to try and find out why she had so much raw, powerful energy. None succeeded.
However, Katara did succeed at breaking out using her mighty power, but it came at a price. by this point they had already destroyed her eyes by slashing them, and so as Katara fled, she was crying tears of blood.

Katara knows not who it was that did it, or who first led the attacks against her family. Now in her teen years, she just wanders the world looking for a purpose... a hope that somewhere out there, one or more of her family members might still be alive...

But, she knows better than to have her hopes too high. She saw too many of them get gruesomely killed, and she might have even known the name of the cult that did it. Whatever the case, she went deep into scheming for herself and her own benefit, and so mostly kept to herself. she did not like people. She has learned much in her short little life, and self-taught herself some basic bending moves, though she still also spends a lot of time training herself physically as she tries to muster control over her wild powers.

The trauma that the little 10-year-old faced, however, was only made worse by her wild and unstable teenage years, which is where she is at the moment. More than anything, she needs a guiding hand--someone that sees her as a young woman and not as a tool of war. She has learned to use her power to blast herself out of any predicament, but almost always hurts herself in the process. She is still trying to find tune how much damaged she causes versus how much pain she brings upon herself. However, she is a cunning and ambitious mind, and when she is focused on something, she will ensure that it is achieved.

So where is Katara now? She is wandering the world, most likely around the Fire Nation. She knows how to handle herself and live on her own, though that also requires time away form civilization so she can go catch critters to eat in the wild. luckily for society, Katara is finding civilization slowly a bit more appealing.

With a friend from the southern Water Tribe named Jurishe, she travelled to the Ancient City of the Sun Warriors to find a place of spiritual solace. It helped her greatly, both in helping her control her power, and discover her latent abilities. She is far from becoming a master, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Other Notes : the similarities with the Katara from the show end at the name. This is a character based off of one I created in 2007 before I saw Avatar, that happened to have the same name.

Character Box: (excerpt is from my novel, just so there can be text and shiz in here blah blah blah.

Z. Katara Len

Katara knew that any disorder of her person annoyed Misaha, and so she often used that as a last resort. Normally the two would get into serious heated debates, but Katara was currently upset and not in the mood, and this time Misaha had not come to her with a topic of debate, but instead she simply had the intention of annoying Katara. She had succeeded, but Katara had found a way out of it this time.

Katara’s journey took her to Pikas-Goda. Since the cities were so close, she was there within minutes. There was some muttering and whispering as she passed people, but most people minded their own business. The sentries on the walls recognized her, and some of them even knew about her neutrality. They knew she was not an enemy to the Kukaña, and so she was not stopped when she flew over the walls. Katara had several errands to run in the city of Pikas-Goda, including some personal matters, and a trip to the City Council Building to speak with General Lorena, Master Roydale, and Queen Asami. She needed information on the locations of the Lakamaté and the Žkha, as well as the status of the warriors here. Said groups were the ones to give it to her. She did intend to share some of this information with the Shitenou, but as with the Shitenou’s information, the information that the Kukaña shared with her was nothing that would lead to the downfall of one side or the other.

Katara had heard rumors that Felicia was in the city as well. If Katara found out for herself regarding Felicia’s presence, she would share that with the Shitenou as well. She also had heard that Commander Komae was here, but Komae had not been seen at the City Council Building either, and so her location was also unknown. Katara had a strenuous schedule ahead of her, but she had already made up her mind as to what she was going to do.

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Awesome character, I definitely approve.

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Awesome! Approved

"Rage? To control firebending? A man filled with rage cannot even control himself. True control comes from peace and serenity."- Tarek Raiden
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[21:28:45] @ Tarek : 3 Demi-gods, 1 God, 1 time traveling son of god...and a gay villain
[21:29:35] @ Kako : Welcome to New Chapters
[21:29:41] @ Kako : We hope you enjoy your stay.
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Just added a few small updates to history/personality and a minor upgrade to abilities that was learned through RPing. hit me up if you have any questions.

Z. Katara Len Soa

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Z. Katara Len
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