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 Makusei (and Ai Mi) Zhaoyin

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Makusei (and Ai Mi) Zhaoyin Empty
PostSubject: Makusei (and Ai Mi) Zhaoyin   Makusei (and Ai Mi) Zhaoyin EmptyTue Aug 26, 2014 9:34 pm

Full Name: Makusei Zhaoyin
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Element: Earth
Birthplace: Gaoling
Position: Weaponsmith; Fighter
Smithing: Expert
Earthbending: Expert
Brawling: Expert
Metalbending: Intermediate
Weaponry: Intermediate

Personality: (243/210) Makusei is a laid-back guy who takes what comes his way, and pushes through it, usually with a laugh. He is strong and much more intelligent than he looks or sometimes acts. He knows how to act mature--just that his wicked sense of humor is hard to tame, and so he is forward with jokes and other such pleasantries. He also does not mind flirting with the ladies, usually showing off his strength or skills, or his deep, manly voice.
While he is passionate about what he does, he's basically just a big teddy bear under his large stature. On a general basis, he'll live the golden rule, treating others exactly how they treat him. He does not take fights in the arena personally, and there are some opponents that he knows well, and so even after a beatdown (whether he's on the giving or receiving end), he's usually down to shake hands and grab a drink after the fight or something. He will fight women as well (in the combat ring of course--let it not be said that women could not match up to (or be better than) men in earthbending tournaments), but he will generally give them the same rule as the men--he will treat them the way he is treated. Well... and he admired women, like any straight man does, and has a soft spot for women in heels--but that's just a normal man for you.

Abilities: (233/210) Makusei is a skilled and capable earthbender, and proficient at metalbending as well, which also helps his smithing. Still... even with that ability, there are some things that simply bending the metal won't do, and so he hammers out the impurities and what have you. While he primarily smiths weapons, he is also very precise with his hands, sometimes creating delicate and/or intricate pieces of jewelry. There are plenty of ladies that love those man-hands.
He is also skilled at brawling and hand-to-hand combat. He is normally not one to fight women, but he has been dragged into one by a particularly vehement coal miner once--where he got the ass-beating of a lifetime. He does fight them in the earthbending arenas though, where physical strength doesn't matter nearly as much as one's ability and skill with shifting ground and throwing rocks does. He's a competent fighter too though, and can hold his own on the streets, with a few special exceptions.
He also has a nice, deep, low voice, which he can use to woo the ladies, or just to show off. it carries well, and so it's not exactly hard to hear him when he yells. Odd of a skill as it may be, he has found it useful before. Obviously, he is also fairly proficient with the weapons he forges, even if he is no expert or master at them.

Appearance: (224/210) Image!
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 182 lbs
Eyes: Light Green
Hair: Dirty Brown
Skin: Light

Makusei has the build of an earthbender quite well down. He is on the taller side, and has a solid weight to him. His large broad feet make wearing shoes difficult sometimes, so he will often just go without. He does take good care of them though, since his feet are also crucial to his earthbending. His muscles don't just magically stay around either, but he also gets a workout during his line of work (or line of "play" depending) so all is well. He's got some dark brown messy short hair that kind of just does what it wants to, and he doesn't bother it much. While his upper lip is bare, he does have a bit of stubble or 5-o-clock shadow on his chin and jaws.
His hands and arms are similarly broad, which is fairly natural for a man anyways though, and makes brawling or fighting easier... well, and some ladies do love the man-hands. Since he wants to appeal to the ladies, he does groom himself fairly well and keep his hair from overgrowing his head, but otherwise, he dresses fairly casual; usually in pants and a sleeveless shirt to show off his arms. With sweaty, dirty jobs like smithing and brawling... he does have to make sure he stays clean if he doesn't want to send the ladies running.

Weaponry & Other Gear: Other than the weapons or jewelery he forges, he does not have any consistent equipment besides the usual.

History: (666/520) Makusi's life began almost 30 years ago in the towns of Gaoling. It was here that he spent his childhood, and grew up with a fairly good life. He was in the middle-class, and so while not the richest of individuals, he and his family did have enough to meet their needs and a few generous wants. They were well enough off, anyways.
From a young age, Maku (as he was sometimes called) enjoyed earthbending, throwing and breaking rocks. his parents were both earthbenders too, and so they were able to teach him a lot of things.
His early childhood was a bit of a rough-n-tumble lifestyle given his bold and fearless nature.  he got into fights here and there, though most of them were playful. Sometimes, he'd get into an actual fight over a dispute, but most of these were with guys, and boys and men are the type of people who get into a fight and then 15 minutes later after they've vented their anger out on each other, they were back to being good buddies, and maybe even sharing a snack or a drink together, depending on their age.
WEll, he was fairly good at fighting, given his size, and as a young man, his teenage ego was just about getting too big for his britches. Someone almost needed to start knocking him down a peg.
He did meet a beautiful young Fire Nation noble girl named Ai mi, and while she did sometimes keep him in check, they were mostly just friends--and she was no match for him unless she challenged him to an Agni Kai or something. But, given his lack of firebending, he'd be toasted if he tried (no pun intended)
Except one day, a good handful of people who had always wanted to see Maku get knocked down a peg finally got their wishes. He had whistled at a rather dirty young woman with cute (albeit messy) curls. Well, apparently that had bene the wrong thing to do, becuase she turned on him. In Makusei's defense, he had not expected that, and so grappled with and manhandled the young woman to try and keep her from throwing herself angrily at him. Well... this only worked for so long. She was much stronger than she looked, and a swift kick between the legs had Maku on the ground, getting the shit pummelled out of him.
Welp... that didn't kill his confidence... it just gave him a better respect for women, and a healthy does of humility. Which was funny, because the girl practically carried around humbleness like an easy-to-spread disease or something (though humility was generally not a bad thing). Either way, now that he was back on the "straight and narrow", so to speak, he began pursuing a career (not because of this incident though).
He had been training in smithing and with metal, which helped because he was a metalbender, but that did not solve all of his problems. This did become his primary source of income though. On the side, however, he did also take up arena fighting, from Earth Rumbles to brawling matches. He wondered if he;d ever see that little coal miner again. She was kind of cute, but not exactly what Maku was looking for in a woman or anything. He was just wondering how she was doing these days.
He did meet up again with his old friend Ai Mi, and the two of them (with the help of some of the latter's cash), started a metalworking business. She was an expert at crafting the finest throwing knives and a few pieces of jewelery as well, and so the two have a pretty successful little business. Everything seems right in the world, despite that the two (Makusei and Ai Mi) don't have a formal relationship--but they were childhood friends. Anything more than maybe the occasional fling might be awkward. They didn't say much about that either though. Yup... Makusi is single.

SECONDARY CHARACTER (a significant part of Makusei's life, but not an actual playable character)
Ai Mi:

Character Box (Required):

Makusi Zhaoyin

Makusi's Character Box
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Makusei (and Ai Mi) Zhaoyin Empty
PostSubject: Re: Makusei (and Ai Mi) Zhaoyin   Makusei (and Ai Mi) Zhaoyin EmptyTue Aug 26, 2014 9:44 pm


(and so does Shi-Hao...~)

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Makusei (and Ai Mi) Zhaoyin
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