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 Out for a Drink~ [Private]

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PostSubject: Out for a Drink~ [Private]   Out for a Drink~ [Private] EmptyFri Apr 03, 2015 12:44 pm

Suki [The Fox]

"Here you go; I'll trade Mr. Hiyato in return for the reward as promised." The young woman held a wanted poster in one hand and Mr. Hiyato in the other. It had not been an easy task like it hopefully would soon, but she had found him within a few days on the road and captured him during the night. The Shirshu she had met almost a year ago was growing fonder of her each day, but not attentive to her every command. She had a soft spot for the big creature, despite her permanent cool exterior. The two had some fun times together, and he made traveling all over the Earth Country possible at a much faster rate.

"As promised, I have the coins here." The man looked not a day over fourty, and rough. The place they had met was in an alley of one of the many streets Ba Sing Se, and it seemed to be hidden in plain sight. Suki took no shame in where the handoff was made, and judged not the men who set the right price. A bag was tossed onto the ground inbetween where the sandbender stood with her victim and where the sketchy man was. Suki stepped forward, dragging the man behind her, and inspected the bag of coins. "Hey! I gave you the money! You better not pull any funny business!" The man did not appear to be any more wealthy than the common people who lived in this district, and perhaps someone else would question how or why Mr. Hiyato meant so much to this angry guy. Suki picked up the coins, weighing mentally before she tossed the tied victim over.

"Calm your panties, just making sure I get my money." Suki of the Hami Tribe was one very unique woman. With the trade complete, she ran off to her temporary home to change clothing. For the next part of her evening, spending her reward, the young woman would need a little more of a casual look. Not that she did it for anyone else, but she liked to keep her sandbending wrappings on when bounty hunting and didn't like to be bothered for such things while she was trying to have a drink. Yes, a drink, although not more than a few years past twenty the redhead had already started forming habits of spending majority of her nights in taverns. She disrobed once inside of her cozy apartment, and searched through her dresser for something casual. The woman pulled out a green v-cut top and wrapped a black cloth around her waist. She finished her outfit with some tight black pants and a pair of flat black shoes. With a quick check in the mirror and a lock of the door behind her, Suki left the apartment for a drink.

Suki had been here in Ba Sing Se for a few years now. In that time she had established a cozy little life, bounty hunting around the Earth Kingdom most of the time and residing in Ba Sing Se for the rest. She now had a little home to call her own in the middle ring, even though it went unoccupied for many nights at a time. She also had met her best friend here; his name was Hiro and he was a big furry beast. She actually paused on her way out of the house to check up briefly on him and give him some pets before going back on her way into the heart of the area for food and nightlife.

The sun was setting and Suki had a full pocked of gold; she knew this meant the night was young but filled with promise. After some walking, she approached a tavern with a great vibe. Lights, laughter, and people were all coming from the building happily and loudly. Suki walked up slowly, her eyes taking in all of her surroundings. There were a few people with drinks in hand hanging around the entrance, but she walked past them and pushed open the door to the lively place. Her green eyes flicked to observe the handful of groups that seemed to be present at high-tops and long tables alike, but she walked over to the bar. The bar was long, with a high counter made of wood and tall stools with black cushions.

Suki did not sit at the stool, but she did stand up next to it, looking around and hoping that she could be mostly unnoticed for her first couple of drinks at least. An attractive girl, she had a tendency to led men along to get things she wanted but felt few of the feelings she saw in their eyes. Not an attention seeker, she often wore wrapings to cover her rosey hair and pale skin; features not common to this area. Today, however, she was feeling outgoing, and being home at Ba Sing Se made her want to feel casual, and most of all she wanted to have a good time while being comfortable in simple Earth Kingdom clothing. She waited for the bartender to approach her, but the tavern seemed to have many guests trying to get a drink at the moment, so she let out a sigh as she waited.
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PostSubject: Re: Out for a Drink~ [Private]   Out for a Drink~ [Private] EmptyFri Apr 03, 2015 7:30 pm

Zevran Arianna Takeo

One of the many things that Zevran liked about Ba Sing Se was that there was plenty of mischief to get up to. Heck, rumors had it that even Earth Queen Meili herself was sometimes seen on the action, or was found in a local tavern drinking men under the table. She was a legend, that one, and regardless of what one thought about her views (which were actually not unreasonable), it was difficult not to respect such a woman. Of course, Zevran also thought she was beautiful and that he found her attractive, but he was a womanizer.

On the other hand, he was not as shallow as he might have appeared. When he claimed that he was capable of making any woman's wildest dreams come true, he usually lived up to those claims. Zevran Arianna Takeo was a man who had been many places and done many things. He was confident in himself and often "boasted" about his feats--only to follow-up by immediately proving his skills or that he had done the things he claimed. Thus, despite his vices of seducing women and assassinating people (for that was one of his primary professions), he was actually a very honest man.

Zevran frequented taverns to occasionally pick up beautiful women, and so he knew the art fairly well. Any time he entered one of these places, he would always let his eyes wander a bit to scout out potential candidates. It wasn't like he was exploiting anyone here; he only took a woman if she was willing, and when he did, he made sure that she enjoyed the evening as much as he did. In fine, it was win-win.

Everyone loved a good-looking swarthy man with long, flowing locks though, and Zevran fit the bill perfectly, which in turn meant that he had a few admirers as well. When he reached his tavern of choice for the evening though, a red-haired beauty stood out to him right away. It reminded him of another redhead he had met in Ba Sing Se a few months prior, and the two of them had had quite the night (or two) together.

The bartender seemed to recognize Zevran, and the two of them greeted each other before coins and drinks exchanged hands. Zevran's coins went to the bartender's hands, and his drinks landed in Zevran's. His plan was already in motion.
He sat across from the little redhead at the table, setting his drinks down in front of him.
"A fine evening, is it not?" he cooed. his voice was suave and sultry--fitting for a man of his calibur. "I happen to be a regular here enough that I can skip the lines--would you like a drink?" The drinks in question were mildly alcoholic, but were more of the "unwind and loosen up" sort of drinks rather than the judgment-squandering brews that could knock a man out or make him become a total buffoon. Anyone familiar with tavern drinks would be able to know this and thus identify the liquid in the glasses in front of Zevran.

He would do introductions afterwards, provided he was not rejected. Zevran was forward in his start-ups, but adjusted his pace accordingly, depending on the woman in question.
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Out for a Drink~ [Private]
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