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Full Name: Fujin Kaze
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Element: Air
Birthplace: Unkown, Raised in Eastern Air Temple
Position: Traveling Air Bender

Personality: Fujin is energetic, carefree, and quite the joker. His hobbies incude joking, laughing, competitions and pulling pranks. Fujin seeks attention but keeps relationships at arms length. He's outgoing and enjoys interacting with others, but when it comes to commitment or others depending on him, he usually distances himself. He has a good heart, although he's blunt and his jokes maybe rude, he won't say or do anything to intentionally hurt someone. He prefers to keep his smile and light atmosphere even when sad or angry. In battle, anger never get the best of him, he likes to play with his opponent, one reason being that while fighting he's simutaneously scanning his environment and planning steps ahead of time, 2nd reason, because it's fun.. Only when he decides that enough is enough is when he gets serious, and when that happens, he doesn't waste any movement.

Fujin is very fast and agile. He improvises and utilizes his environment. His physical strength and hand to hand combat skills are decent enough to keep up with many other fighers but this is not where he specializes in. He is an extremely gifted air bender. Alongside air bending, Fujin excels in swordsmanship, this compensates his lack of hand to hand combat skills. He combines air bending with sword fighting, which allows him to quickly unsheathe and swing his sword with inhumane speeds. From long distance, at a whim, Fujin can slice the air thus thinning and sharpening it and upon contact (strength varies by distance) slice the target.

Fujin stands at about a short height of 5'6, he's not muscular however he's lithe and toned. His medium lengthed hair is blonde and his eyes are green. His outfit follows a color coordination of blues, black, and gold. He accessories himself with long sleeved fingerless gloves and a long scarf. Fujins sword rests equiped on his lower back.

Fujin Kaze Emilg



No one knows where Fujin was born but to him and everyone else, his home is the Eastern Air Temple. The monks have told him countless times how a fellow monk Soguro, whilst purchasing supplies from a simple village that resides near the Eastern Air Temples mountains, received a surprising gift. Soguro stayed at the Inn and was awakened by a few soft knocks, quiet but enough for Soguro to hear. Groggily Soguro willed himself to his bedroom door, upon opening, the sleepiness from his eyes rapidly diminished. On the hallway floor in front of his room, Soguro discovered a basket with a lone babe resting peacefully in a blue blanket. Tucked between the baby and the basket was a letter, which read:

I do not have much time. You monks are the best hope for this child. You will understand in time. His name is Fujin Kaze.

Age 5

After consulting with many from the Air Temple Council, Soguro was granted custody of Fujin. At the age of 5, Soguro passed away in his sleep at the ripe old age of 92. Fujin knew he was adopted and does not remember Soguro all that well, but those 5 precious yet foggy years remained the happiest of his life, that he rarely ever felt the despair of being an orphan. However the Air Council kept a closer look on Fujin and thought how a life here could subject Fujin to life as an outcast. Soguro taught and integrated many of the air bending culture and beliefs onto Fujin but he allowed Fujin to grow his hair and wear what he wanted. This coupled with the fact that Fujin didn't look like many of his other native peers and wasn't an airbender (...yet), would outcast Fujin in this society.

After discussing Fujin's future many times and on the verge of relocating Fujin to another village, Fujin had been on a pranking spree, pulling pranks on many of the kids that teased him because of his blonde hair, until one of his pranks backfired on him. It was the ol' classic water-in-a-bucket-resting-on-top-of-a-partially-opened-door prank. Through instinct Fujin repelled the bucket inches away from hitting his head. (He still got soaked.) This led to Fujin being accepted by the other natives more, convincing the Elders that he should stay.

Age 10

By the age of 10, Fujin had heavily excelled in the arts of airbending, inciting many peers to admire or envy his strength. His admirers would tell him how talened he was and that he should strive to become an Air Councilman, only for Fujin to reply with how boring that sounds. One afternoon the care-free Fujin found himself at the village where he was first discovered.

Fujin came across a young orphan boy around his age named Shinto, the two became close friends. Fujin and Shinto were inseperable, despite their many differences. While Fujin was lighthearted, loud and talkative, Shinto was quiet and carried an aura of gloom, he was rash and always getting in trouble, trouble that Fujin would get him out of. The only time Shinto showed true motivation and joy was after he had stolen a pair of swords from a travelling merchant. After convincing Fujin that they should keep the swords, the two of them trained vigorously in secret for 6 years, refining their natural self taught swordsmanship.

Age 16

At age 16, Fujin had already mastered advanced airbending lessons, he gained many friends over the years, at least people who considered themselves his close friends, but none were Shinto, his best friend, his soul brother. By this time, Shinto seemed to have been influenced by Fujin's warmth and was brighter, unfortunately this changed quickly. It all started after a traveling Earthbender visited the village one cloudy morning. Fujin still remembers Shinto's reaction as he laid eyes on the adventurer, his pupil's narrowed and he clenched his jaw as tightly as he clenched his fists. Throughout the day, Shinto stayed quiet and was resistant to all of Fujin's jokes and prodding.

The next afternoon once Fujin finished airbending lessons, he traversed down the mountain and on the way to the village, detoured into a woodland area. Navigating through patches of trees he located the spot where he and Shinto would hide their swords for the past 6 years. Intending to spar for the day Fujin picked up his sword...and realized Shinto's sword was missing. Before Fujin could rationalize, he heard loud metal clashes, following these sounds and his gut came upon Shinto and the Earthbender.

The Earthbender was chasing Shinto down the edge of the woods, in Shinto's arms was the adventurer's backpack.

"I don't want to hurt you kid, hand it over NOW!"

As soon as the man emphasised 'now' he hurled a large stone towards Shinto, who would between every few steps, stop and slash the stone aside.

"Bullshit! Is that what you told them too?"

Shinto replied after bashing the hurled stone aside. Fujin pursued the two and their chase and once close enough yelled,

"Shinto! Just drop it, there's no point in stealing food if your gonna have a broken jaw anyway!"

"Fujin it's not about th-"



Shinto casted a broad grin as soon as the wooden bear trap he led the earthbender to, snapped and impaled his right leg. Immense pain rolled through the earthbender, blurring his senses and leaving him in a shocked daze. Shinto strode towards the stunned adventurer and lifted his sword.

"This is for THEM!!"


Fujin bolted inbetween the Earthbender and his best friend. Throwing his arms to the side Fujin pleaded,

"This looks like something personal, I don't have all the facts but you can't do this Shinto!"

"Get the hell outta my way! You have no idea what this is! Why are you here like you even give a shit!? You don't care about anything, you only hang around me to escape that life of yours, that beautiful life on top of those mountains!"

"Don't give me that! I come down here because I care about you! I'm not gonna condone murder, put the sword or away or I'm done looking after your ass!"

"Looking after win."

Shinto concedes and lowers his sword arm, Fujin seeing this lowers his arms as well before turning around to check on the earthbender. The adventurer seemed to have gained back his senses, his eyes glaring intensely but not at Fujin, past him... and before Fujin knew it, the earthbender grabs Fujin and throws him to the side as quickly as a sword stabbed through the empty space Fujin was standing in a second ago and then through the chest of the earthbender.

Fujin stared in shock, filled with disbelief that his closest friend..his soul brother, murdered the man, as well as attempting to sacrifice Fujin along with him. Shinto smiled and began to stumble backwards, Fujin noticed blood pouring from his curled lips and down to the hilt of a dagger piercing Shinto's chest.

Fujin sprinted and caught Shinto before he collapsed, while in his arms Shinto struggled to pry the dagger out.

"Fu..Fujin..I'm sorry...h..he killed them.."

Even though this person tried to sacrifice Fujin, as he stared into Shintos eyes, all he could see was his best friend and as soon as those eyes lost their light, Fujin's eyes were filled with tears. It seems the moment Shinto struck the earthbender, the traveller stabbed Shinto with a hidden dagger. After burying their bodies, Fujin explained to the villagers what had happened. Eventually he learns from only a small handful of the elders that Shinto's parents were murdered, they had nothing on the suspect, the only witness was Shinto but he never spoke about it. Fujin believes Shinto was driven by vengeance that night.

Fujin thought a lot about Shinto. Trying to understand what drove him mad, something inside Fujin sparked. A desire, a longing to meet his parents. Nothing can justify Shinto's betrayal, however if he had a bond like Shinto had with his parents..maybe he could understand him a bit more. A week after Shinto's death, Fujin gathered his belongings and without a word, left the Eastern Air Temple behind to travel the world.

Age 18 - Present

2 years later, although Fujin hasn't found any leads, his swordsmanship and airbending grew in leaps and bounds. Still, Fujin has a lot to learn...

Character Box:

Fujin Kaze

This is a test. This is a test. "This is just a test." says Fujin.


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Amazing, too. ;D

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