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 Money Problems [OPEN]

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Tabauin Huggins
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Money Problems [OPEN] Empty
PostSubject: Money Problems [OPEN]   Money Problems [OPEN] EmptyMon Nov 17, 2014 3:31 am

Tabauin Shartraud

Tabauin was standing in the train station of Ba Sing Se Upper Ring and was sad at the fact that after he ran away that he didn't take a little bit more money for at least getting access to the earth bending academy for a term.
With the way he was going he knew that he would need to start working in the Upper Ring to get at least enough money for the academy.
Tabauin left the train station with a sad look on his face but at least there was a tea shop where he could relax for a while as he approached the little tea shop he saw a wooden sign in the doorway saying that there was help wanted for the summer.
Tabauin walked inside of it and asked the man at the counter if he could take the job due to him working at the teashop back where he lived, the man smiled and said "Yes but you will start at 12am today" Tabauin nodded and said he will wait here at the teashop until 12.

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Money Problems [OPEN]
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