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 Untitled [OPEN]

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PostSubject: Untitled [OPEN]   Untitled [OPEN] EmptySun Sep 07, 2014 9:59 pm

Zefira Raeya Zahn

If there was one thing that Zefira liked about uniforms, it was that they were able to make people look so similar. Rich and poor, male and female (for the most part, anyways), young or old... everyone looked fairly similar.
And for university students, that was probably for the best... especially that they were modest too... that was probably for the best, as Zefira had accepted.

Although incidentally, that was not even what was on the waterbender's mind, even if she was still in said clothes from her classes earlier. What *was* on her mind though, was hitting up a nice tavern and throwing some dice over a drink. It was the one of the basest ways of meeting people, but one could learn a lot about someone by how they acted when they put money on the line... were they sore winners? sore losers? did they play for the thrill of the game, or were they only in it to win it? these were the types of questions the waterbender wanted answered... people were interesting, and sometimes had knowledge that she wanted... or other things...
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Untitled [OPEN]
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