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 Cyrad Wato

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Character Description
Age: 26
Position: Smith, Merc, Wanderer
Nation: Earth Kingdom

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Full Name: Cyrad Wato
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthplace:Makapu Village
Position:Body Guard
Training: Earthbending (Expert), Longsword (Intermediate), Hand-to-hand(Basic)

Cyrad is a quiet person preferring to keep his thought and opinions to himself, often allowing him to to get along with people of complete opposite personalities.  Cyrad tries not to judge believing himself not worthy to deem another's life style wrong letting crazy people think their crazy thoughts.

Cyrad doesn't treasure money or possessions with a few exceptions.  He travels light often with just his pack, sword, and hammer.  He values valor and family.  He praises people who work hard and gives bonus points to those who fight.  Even more than the respect he has for warriors Cyrad has for close families, believing they are important for the soul.

Cyrad searches for two things in life, purpose and brotherhood.  Despite being a social failure Cyrad greatly enjoys company and grows loyal to people who he spends significant time around.  Cyrad is looking for people to act as anchors allowing him to feel whole once again and become content in work.

In battle Cyrad lives by a code.  The first rule was no kids, he won't directly cause harm to a child and will protect one if the need arises to a fault.  His second rule was he couldn't seriously fight women, always holding back even if it causes him to lose Cyrad refuses to even draw a blade against a lady.  His third rule was because of his missing left arm, Cyrad actively targets the torso and head of his foe and if by bad fate his foe should lose a limb Cyrad saves them from the pain with a steel kiss of death.  The fourth  is refusing to back down from any challenge.  The fifth rule is not to search for a fight, outside work of course.  His sixth and final rule was simple, don't die.

Cyrad is a trained and tested smith.  Though he cannot bend metal Cyrad spent years learning the skill of smithing from his father.  Though he wouldn't be the man you would bring your great-great-grandfather's sword he would be the first guy you brought your shield or hoe.

Over the years of traveling Cyrad has made it a game to make his earthbended stone hut's as intricate as possible often including several bedrooms, a large open room with a fireplace and chimney, and a bathroom with a lidded seat covering a sixteen foot hole.

Cyrad hand to hand fighting ability was nothing spectacular.  His style was to grab onto them with his right hand and hit them with his heavy rock left.  The style though often caused him to take a beating making fortitude a rather necessary trait that he could, should, will still improve on.

Cyrad is pretty well trained with the longsword, having been trained and honed through combat.  He uses his left stone arm to parry and block incoming strikes while waiting for the right time to strike, though he is known to take an advantage of an opportunity if it knocks.

Cyrad's greatest skill was his earthbending though, his favorite form of that is his earth arm.  He likes to raise and lower the elevation of the earth destabilizing his target before he throws a heavy blow.  Another of his favored techniques was to raise up a ramp sprint off it launching himself into the air at his foe.  Spending so much time traveling across the world got Cyrad pretty well at sandbending and mudbending but his skill in the former is dwarfed by his intermediate skill at the latter.  Cyrad keeps enough rock in his beard to make a small stone knife in case of emergencies.  He also has been known to fire his fingers as projectiles in dire situations.  Cyrad can create rock armor from an earthy environment but it encumbering so he prefers his leathers if possible.

Cyrads vibrant green eyes seemed like caged animals on his always stoic face.  Cyrad kept his head shaven but let his beard grow covering him from chin to collar bone, the beard was always dirty filled with dirt, rock and pebbles.  His white skin often looks darker than it naturally is being covered in dirt and tanned from days spent in the sun.  Cyrad was big, broad, and muscular and despite his one arm was quite a imposing sight.

Cyrad almost always wore one of three identical pairs of pants.  The pants were roomy and breathable and had dozens of pockets, to Cyrad's glee.  His top often changed for the task of the day.  When smithing Cyrad stays bare chested and keeps a mud bucket nearby which he bends onto his chest to cool him down.  When going into a fight Cyrad prefers to be wearing his mercenary leathers or if caught unaware he earthbends himself a stone breastplate.  Or just going out for the day he wears one of several large cloth shirts.

Cyrad has several tattoos most being on his back.  He has two tattoos in remembrance of his parents.  A hammer striking a anvil for his father and a stone glove for his mother.  He had a sword stabbing through a stone on his chest in commemoration of passing his final tests from Deega and a similar sword stabbing through a tombstone on his back above his parents' tattoos.

Eyes: Green

Weaponry & Other Gear:

Item NameGolem's Tear
Materials:Steel, leather
Description: The sword was pretty heavy, though balanced, it allowed it to make heavy blows.  The hilt and sheathe shows signs of wear but the blade looks as new and sharp as the day it was forged.

Item NameFather's Hammer
Materials:Rock, Leather
Description: His father's hammer, it is not ordained or fancy rather just being an ordinary hammer that has sentimental value.

Item NamePack
Materials:Leather, buttons
Description: A regular backpack with several pouches and pockets made to distribute weight easily and still have enough room to carry all one would need for long travel.

Cyrad was born to a traveling smith father and a retired earth bender guard in the village of Makapu where he spent the first year of his life, the only year that he would spend in a single place. After he turned one his father decided it was time to start traveling again (the family had spent most of their savings over the year). When they noticed their child, around age four, was a bender Cyrad's mother started to teach him the basics. Four years later his father started to teach him his craft. By his 11th birthday Cyrad had seen most of the earth kingdom, had a decent grasp of earth bending and could make of fix almost any basic tool.

Six weeks after his 11th birthday Cyrad had the most traumatic experience of his life. His family had just entered a new town. His father was wandering town looking for customers and his mother was gathering supplies. Cyrad had scuttered off to explore town and it wasn't long before he spotted a group of kids around his age. He stopped himself, Cyrad often had a hard time of meeting people. He wasn't like his father who could talk to just about anyone. Instead he pretended like he didn't notice them and climbed a nearby hill where he could still see the kids, who were starting to take notice of him. The group shifted as they started towards him and Cyrad caught sight of a girl, looking back she wasn't that special but at first sight Cyrad fell for her but he knew as soon as they came over he would end up saying something to embarrass himself and ruin any chance. So he decided to wow her, he reached into the earth, fell into a stance, and started to lift a huge rock from the ground. His whole body flexed and strained as he pulled the dirt from it's mother but as he lifted it up and over his head he stole a glance towards his girl, she was indeed stunned. But then it slipped. He wasn't sure if he shifted his stance or the girl distracted him too much but he dropped the very big rock he was hold over his very stupid head. With adrenalin boosting his reflexes he jumped out of the way, almost. His right arm was pinned under the rock, and moments later Cyrad passed out from the pain.

After the accident Cyrad became more drawn into himself, where as before he could be called shy after he was down right anti-social. He focused more and more on smithing and bending with a new found will. At first his parents took his new found enthusiasm in their teachings refreshing but as they watched him pull away from other aspects of life they grew worried. His mother tried to pull him out of this new mindset but for five years her efforts were fruitless. Help came in the form of a friend. One day, when Cyrad was sixteen, he and his family were leaving a town. Another group of travelers two guys and a girl asked if they could go together and were of course accepted. The travelers were older than Cyrad, maybe in their twenties, and two of them were obviously a couple. The last traveler was a water bender named Vatn, He was one of those people who could talk to anyone about anything. Once night Vatn caught Cyrad making a small metal flower, Vatn started a conversation and the two of them talked for hours. At one point during their talk Vatn asked Cyrad why he didn't use a arm of rock in place of his lost one, an idea new to Cyrad that he happily adopted and used on a daily basis.  Two days and several conversations later Vatn and his companions left and went their own way while Cyrad's family headed to Ba Sing Sai. Though they only traveled together for three days Vatn seemed to pulled Cyrad out of his anti-social cloud and back into the real world, and on their trip through the city Cyrad attracted a few customers himself.

Three years later Cyrad's father passes away of natural causes. Cyrad and his mother bury him in the hills outside Makapu village.  Without his father traveling on the roads became too dangerous for just Cyrad and his mother and the duo were forced to hire a body guard, much to the distaste of both of them.  The man, who was also a earth bender, became sort of a mentor to Cyrad improving on the skills his mother had taught him while also teaching him the longsword.  Four years later Cyrad's mother passed away, she seemed to care less for life after his father passed and Cyrad was left alone, aside from Deega the bodyguard.  Cyrad was lost at first but found direction from Deega, following him on his travels as a bodyguard apprentice.  Over the next year and a half Cyrad under went heavy training and various strenuous tests to prove he was worthy.  On his twenty-fifth birthday Cyrad passed his final test, winning a duel against his master(of course his master wasn't fighting at 100% though it was unannounced to Cyrad), and was presented with Deega's master's sword.  After his final test Cyrad found Deega had much more respect for him than before and the two became a dangerous duo.  Sixteen months later tragedy stuck again when Deega was killed while guarding a merchant caravan.  Alone but with several skills Cyrad now seeks his place in the world once again.

Sample RP:
Cyrad had pulled last watch so he was woken up a few hours before sunrise. He rolled out his bed and one of his co-guards climb into his stone bed. Cyrad went and relieved himself into a pit. He climbed onto the flat roofed stone hut and went through his morning stretches and exercises. After breaking a sweat Cyrad dropped down from the building and walked the short distance to the swamp.

Their job had been easy so far Cyrad and the other two guards had been hired to protect a wagon being pulled to Omashu. They started in Chin and went north to where they are now, outside the swamp south of Omashu. Cyrad had been hired for this leg of the journey specifically. He had expirence in his past with bending mud into a path strong enough to support the weight of a wagon.

Standing at the edge Cyrad started to bend the mud. Swaying it this way and that, hardening it momentarily and then releasing it into it's muddy form. After a few minuets of warming up and reaffirming his faith in his skill Cyrad walked back over to the house. He walked to the other side of the stone building to check on the wagon. Covered in a large white cloth the wagon was filled with boxes bags and chests of goodies Cyrad could only guess at, but he was being paid fairly well so he guessed the stuff was pretty valuable.

Cyrad goes back into the building and starts a fire to reheat the stew from last night. After eating Cyrad woke the others, first the family letting the guards get some more sleep. As they ate Cyrad woke the others and started to pack up his things. Strapping his sword to his hip and his hammer on his other thigh Cyrad threw his clothes from yesterday back into his pack and slung it over his shoulder.

A half hour later Cyrad was in front of the wagon and started to lift up and harden a path.  The path was eight feet wide enough room enough for a foot and a half on either side of the wagon's wheels.  The family was tucked a way in the wagon with the stuff only the father at the reigns.  One of the guards was in the wagon with the wife and kids and the other was covering their rear.

They were completely caught unaware by the ambush.  Cyrad didn't know what happened to the man in the rear but first thing he heard was a shout from the firebender protecting the family.  He turned around just in time to see a waterbender trying to sneak up on him, and rolled under his attack.  He felt his stone fist crack ribs and his attacker fell to the ground.  He rushed around the the wagon raising up more room around the edge.  The firebender was having a tough time against two waterbenders.  Cyrad wasn't expected though and was able to raise stone spires under the waterbenders feet.  They split up into 1v1s and Cyrad was faced up against a big man.  His skin was dark as night and his arms and legs were the size of tree limbs.  Cyrad drew his sword and lowered into a battle stance.  In a quick bending exchange Cyrad found out that his was terribly unmatched in mudbending so he decided that he was going to need to use his sword.  Cyrad spouted mud at the waterbender which he easily deflected, Cyrad feigned being overwhelmed causing his opponent to advance and once the waterbender thought he was going to win Cyrad struck.  Knocking both arms upward under the elbow with his left arm Cyrad drove his sword through the exposed chest killing the bender in seconds.  Looking over he saw that his firebender companion was still engaged, he stomped the ground and made the ground under the waterbenders feet collapse giving his ally the opportunity he needed to finish the fight.

Without time for respite a scream of distress urged them back into action.  The firebender lept into the wagon and Cyrad ran around again, so it was him who saw the fourth waterbender running away with a child tossed over his back.

"Protect the wagon!"  Cyrad yelled as he jumped into the swamp and sprinted after the kidnapper.  The man had a decent lead and Cyrad realized that he had little chance of overtaking him so while keeping stride he stuck his hand in the water and pulled out a glob of mud.  He condensed it into a rock the size of a child's fist.  He threw it at the man projecting it with his strength and bending but it collided with a tree.  Cyrad ran forward and tried to think of a plan.  As his last hope Cyrad made a ramp raising to six feet which he sprinted up and when reaching it's apex he lept with the aid of the earth got serious air.  He aimed his stone arm at the man running with the child and fired all five of his fingers.  Cyrad slashed down into the swamp, remaking his fingers and went after the bender.  The man was back on his feet but the child had gotten away from him, though she was only ten feet away looking for where to run to. The waterbender glared at Cyrad with fury echoing the ocean.  Cyrad knew he must be hurting.

"Come here."  He said to the girl.  She took two steps but was wrapped in a water tentacle.

Cyrad met the kidnappers eyes.  "Let the girl go and I'll say you got away and I couldn't stop you.  Now."

The bender just smiled and waved his arms pushing Cyrad back with a great muddy wave.  As Cyrad rigthed himself he was forced roll, sidestep, and jump away from a flurry of attacks.  The bender was clearly more skilled than the others he fought earlier.  Cyrad tried to get close so he could use his sword but the waterbender wrapped himself in a bubble of water both keeping Cyrad at a distance as well as rendering his sword useless.  

Cyrad hid behind a tree while he caught his breath and started to bend mud into rock.  He made a spear of rock a foot long and glimpsed around the side of his tree, and to his astonishment the waterbender was on one knee.  Cyrad turned the corner and the bender lifted his arm as if to bend but he only made ripples.  Hunched over Cyrad could see that he had been bleeding pretty bad.

"Please, have mercy."  The man pleaded.

Cyrad looked down on the man with cold eyes.  "You had your chance."  He propelled his spear through the man's chest killing him instantly.  Still shaking off his adrenalin he looked around for the little girl.  

"Hello?  It's safe to come out now."  He called out loudly,  and to his delight she popped out from a tree nearby.  When they got back to the wagon the rear guard was sitting against a wheel with a black eye.  And when he saw the parents get their child back it warmed his heart.  In reward for saving his child the wagon owner gave Cyrad a Catowl named Rocky.

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I also Approve, have fun with it!
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