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 Getting paid for protection

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PostSubject: Getting paid for protection   Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:50 pm

Miki Shabati

Miki tried to rub sleep out of her eyes. But it seemed that sleep would not leave her alone. She dragged herself out of bed, and yawned. She would very much like to stay in the warmth of the bed, but sadly, Miki had work to do. It wasn't her usual 'work'. No, her work was to simply make sure that a specific target was safe. This was something new to Miki. She didn't normally protect people. She normally killed them, but this job was special. She was getting paid quite a bit of money to do this.
Miki slipped onto her clothes, and put her white hair up in a pony-tail using her black ribbon. She quickly locked the door to her hotel-room (which she bought from the money she's getting from the job) and then left. She tried to blend-in with the people of Ba Sing Se. She stood out slightly with her white hair, but that was okay. Miki liked standing out. At least, a little bit.
She made her way to a tea shop. The same tea shop that her 'target' was supposed to get tea and breakfast every morning. Miki ordered some Oolong tea, and sipped on it, waiting for the target to arrive.

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[18:12:22] @ Matsu : OH MY GOD IT'S PIP
[18:12:30] Daichi Takumi : pip?
[18:12:30] * Matsu dies of happiness
[18:12:32] Mikhai : HELLO NOKO.
[18:12:32] Daichi Takumi : PIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
[18:12:33] @ Matsu : PIPPPPP!
[18:12:34] Daichi Takumi : AHHHHHHHHHHHH
[18:12:38] * Matsu tackles Pip and won't let go.
[18:12:40] Mikhai : XD
[18:12:44] * Mikhai feels loved.
[18:12:46] * Daichi Takumi hugs pip
[18:12:49] * Mikhai feels TO MUCH LOVED
[18:12:56] * Mikhai NEEDS HER SPACE.
[18:12:59] * Matsu kicks Daichi away.
[18:13:06] @ Loki : P-P-P-P-PIIIIIIPPPPPP.
[18:13:09] @ Matsu : If Zuzu gets to have Zai, then I get Pip.
[18:13:13] @ Zulera : @Zai: originality was never hs strong suit
[18:13:15] Mikhai : lol
[18:13:23] * Matsu sticks a sign on Pip's back that says "Noko's property."
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Daichi Takumi
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PostSubject: Re: Getting paid for protection   Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:27 pm


In the corner of the room, a figure sipped on tea. At a glance, he seemed to be just another citizen, none of his clothing stood out, as it was mostly comprised of greens and browns. However, if one were to inspect the figure up close, they'd see a small dagger, attached to his right thigh, yet hidden under his long jacket. This figure was of course, Daichi Takumi. And although it was early, he was prepared, and fully ready to strike whenever he needed to. He was slightly nervous though, as he knew this was going to be a difficult kill. He'd been informed that the target was prepared, and that he would probably have to deal with some sort of protection.

Once again, his eyes scanned the room, looking for his target, and he once again noticed that the said target still hadn't arrived. Daichi sighed, and decided to review his plans once again. He was seated next to the target's usual seat, giving him easy access. He had his escape route planned out. Near the tea shop, there was a conveniently placed hidden entrance to the Crystal Catacombs. A convenient tunnel system, that Daichi was eager to make use of. Sadly enough, the tea shop's exit was fairly far away from the seat he was in. But the assassin didn't mind too much.

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PostSubject: Re: Getting paid for protection   Sun Sep 09, 2012 4:13 pm

Zenzi Sadako Fukui

Another fine morning welcomed Zenzi as she pulled herself out of bed. predictability was not her strong suit, for when one lives as long as she has, mixing things up becomes important. it didn't stop her from getting in little routines, however, though they usually only lasted a few months; maybe a couple of years at the most.

as was typical, a quick glance around the tea shop where she had her morning tea told her that her great-grandchildren were all probably around the ages of most of these patrons... some were even younger than that. her long life, however, was only one of a few reasons why Zenzi was called the Wild Witch. those who questioned it... would soon learn. she approached the main bar, leaning on her long walking stick, which she clutched around the middle. she was a tiny woman; a few inches short of 5 feet.

"Alone today?" the owner asked her as she purchased the same things she had for the last 4 months or so.
"Aye," she nodded, "he's out of town today; won't be back till next week sometime."
"gotcha." he nodded, "play it safe, Zenzi. we wouldn't want you keeling over now."
"Oh, I'm almost certain death has either forgotten me or is too afraid to claim me." she cackled, "how else does a woman outlive all her children and all her grandchildren?"
there was a laugh, and then Zenzi slowly approached her favorite table, where she sat down. She removed her hood, leaning her staff against the table, her back to most of the crowds. Without company to speak to, she was quiet, though she didn't let that dampen her mood. 151 years of knowing people kept her aware and alert, and had also shown her how to rely on one's self when necessary.

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PostSubject: Re: Getting paid for protection   

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Getting paid for protection
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