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PostSubject: THE WAR OF TIPPED SCALES!!!   Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:37 am

It's been brought to my attention that there's some confusion about what, exactly, is happening with the War of Tipped Scales. I'd like to leave this note (which may be commented upon) for all members of the site to read to better understand what's happening.

The war serves a single plot purpose: Installing Shula and explaining how power over the Fire Nation changed hands IC from Novai to her. I want to stress that even though we do know HOW the war will end, we have not actually HAD the war yet. As things stand now, most threads are taking place either before or after the war, but even those happening DURING the war are mostly involved with events outside those of the war itself.

Wars, as far as plotlines are concerned, are very useful for allowing everyone on a site to participate in major events. I'd like to make it clear that EVERYONE will be permitted to participate. The only limitation on this, of course, is that imposed by your characters themselves. They should have a reason to be doing what they're doing for the war effort. But that's just down to writing 101.

AS IT STANDS: We have not yet started with the battles of the war. When we do, they will be located in the War of Tipped Scales sub-board to the Wars board. There will be announcements declaring the start of these battle threads and planning threads will precede them.


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