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 To Rome!

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Daichi Takumi
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PostSubject: To Rome!   Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:34 pm

"Listen to me Daichi. You don't get on that plane tomorrow you'll regret it, not today, not tomorrow. But soon! And for the rest of your life!"

But yeah. I'll be in Rome for like ten days. Now, I know you're all thinking "But Daichi! What ever shall we do without you and your AMAZING posts in the ball!" Well fear not, as the lovely lady and all around best mod ever Itamatsu will be adding a paragraph explaining what Daichi's up to at the end of every one of her posts! In regards to my other threads, I've (in tactical fashion) finished them all!

In any case, see y'all in ten days!

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To Rome!
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