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 The King's Comrade

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PostSubject: Re: The King's Comrade   Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:56 pm

The walls threw off Yasu's bending, and he paused defensively to look around. His back pressed to Senk's, as they each faced the sharp, sudden walls to either side of them. Kano popping up through the ground in what was becoming his signature bending move made Yasu switch stance. He barely took a breath before diving in, all bending aside, mirroring Senk. The two attacked with a low kick to either side, then jabs and a flurry of sideways bending-like chops. It looked coordinated, but was truly just off the top of his head. He couldn't have asked for a better teammate, either- except Kano, but seeing as he was the opponent...

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PostSubject: Re: The King's Comrade   Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:43 pm

Kano answered their combined attack with a flurry of defensive moves. He had to hand it to them. He was having trouble keeping up. Back and forth and back and forth, he used everything he had at his disposal to defend himself. They were pretty successfully keeping him from counter-attacking or doing just about anything, really. And then Senk swung a little too wide on one of his punches and gave Kano just the fraction of a second he needed to do something about this little tag team. As Senk's punch came around, he stomped a single foot on the ground, bringing a thin barrier of ice up about an inch in front of Senk's fist. With a sickening crunching sound, his knuckles hit the ice. A moment later, he was hopping away, his injured hand clutched in the other.

With Senk mostly out of the way, Kano turned his entire attention upon Yasu. They began exchanging strikes. It had gone from a bending battle to an all out brawling duel...


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The King's Comrade
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