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 Matsu's Storage Box of Wonder :P

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PostSubject: Matsu's Storage Box of Wonder :P   Wed Jul 04, 2012 4:54 pm

Welp, this is the chronological order that these posts occur in Matsu's IC life, starting with the farthest back and ending with the most recent. I'll update this as more threads pop up with her.

Summer Exploring the City Zulera; Fire Fountain City, Fire Nation
Autumn Some R&R in the Homeland Rin of Fire; Makapu Village, Earth Kingdom
Early Spring When Assassins Meet Circus Performers [Ended] Daichi Takumi; Omashu, Earth Kingdom
Spring The Omashu Ball Rengshi, Loki, etc; Omashu, Earth Kingdom
Spring Onward to Full Moon Bay Yamako; Full Moon Bay, Earth Kingdom
Late SpringMatsu's Amazing Trip to the Tea Shop Sakura, Hakota-Zai; Gaoling, Earth Kingdom
Summer Retracing Her Roots Hun-Hun; Eastern Air Temple, Air Temples

To be added at a later date....{Searching for a teacher, Hiro, Gaoling}, {I Just Want a Friend (Open.)Zehir and Sakura, Omashu}
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Matsu's Storage Box of Wonder :P
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