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 Not A Goodbye But What-The-Ferk-Ever

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PostSubject: Not A Goodbye But What-The-Ferk-Ever   Tue Jul 03, 2012 11:38 pm

Gonna be gone for about a week, two at the most because I've got some things I need to handle and I need to get away for a second. So to the GROUP threads that I'm in.....just skip the ferk over me. The Thread at the docks with Zai and Rin? Skip me. The ball in Omashu? Skip the ferk over me.

As for my private threads I have with Kanoei, Itamatsu, that it? I hope you guys can wait for me or something. Won't be on for about 7-14 days. If that's too much I'm sorry, then you can just skip the ferk over me too.

Sorry sorry sorry again friends, but I have to vanish for a hot second. Catch in the next days!


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Not A Goodbye But What-The-Ferk-Ever
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