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 To any it may concern...

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To any it may concern... Empty
PostSubject: To any it may concern...   To any it may concern... EmptyFri Jun 29, 2012 1:16 am

I have been admittedly inactive just like I said I would, but I am not entirely gone. So, those who would accuse me of such (I do hope I need not give names) need not fear.

If there are any issues with me personally, PM me or Zulera.
If there are storyline-related issues that require the Earth Queen's atttention (or by extension, the attention of the Earth Kingdom), let me know via link to thread or via PM (Meili or Zulera) and I will gladly attend to them.

Similarly, if there are issues that require the attention of the Avatar, PM me or Zulera and I will also gladly attend to them.

Otherwise, I will continue coming and going. I'm not leaving permanently though.

with regards,

~Meili, Zulera~

To any it may concern... GdtAyPMeili--Forum AdminTo any it may concern... Meloetta-pirouette [AKA Zul]
"Everything I do, I do for my people. Know this, and know that the Earth Kingdom will never fall as long as its people remain loyal to their nation." I do not fear your threats; I am Meili Mitali Zalika.
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To any it may concern...
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