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 The Airbending Maiden [Hun-Hun]

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PostSubject: The Airbending Maiden [Hun-Hun]   Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:53 pm

Jirano Lee Xhiang

"Patsumi, land there."
The bison let out a soft yawn and landed a little roughly.
"You a little tired there girl? Ill get you some food. Stay here!"
Patsumi let our a roar, as if she didnt want to see Jirano go. Jirano took his staff, his knapsack with his money, bison whistle, and sleeping flying lemur off of the saddle.
"Ill be back soon," as he walked away. Garth started to wake up and rub his eyes once Jirano started walking. it was a nice day out. Warm, but cloudy, like it would rain.
"Hey bud, were just gonna get some food before we head over to the Southern Air Temple. I havent seen dad in years. Its going to be nice seeing him again." The Lemur let out a yawn, and a little noise confirming he understood. Garth Has never seen Jirano's father, and doesnt do well with strangers. Unlike Patsumi, where its immediate tongue bath on introduction. Jirano set out for the bakery and bought some bread, and then to the fruit stand. Patsumi loves watermelon. The funny thing is she will eat the whole thing, even the outsidde. It never fails to make Jirano laugh. It was very very crowded. Alot of people buying things as if there was a famine. He made a stop to the meat rack, and then decided he was going to browse the weapons and the jewelry. That stuff always interested him. On the way to the Armory, he passed a couple little earthbenders playing with some small pebbles. One of the kids accidentally pelted him in the side of the head, but he just chuckled and kept moving. he got to the armory and stayed there for a while looking at all the neat swords and harpoons. Alot of them were from far off places. Water Tribe, Fire ANtion, he saw all the different styles and cultures. After he was done at the Armory he stopped at the nearest jewler, hoping they had some beautiful Jade wears. He found out that they didnt have anything. He thought it was about time to get back to Patty, seeing as he had meat and he didnt want to let it spoil. On the way back he bought some grapes, throwing every other one in the air for Garth to catch.


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The Airbending Maiden [Hun-Hun]
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