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 Kanoei's Storage Box

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PostSubject: Kanoei's Storage Box   Sun May 27, 2012 6:44 am

~ Chronology of the Kanoei ~
This entry is in the interest of keeping all the chronology of Kano and my other characters in line. The time is measured in relation to the downfall of Fire Lord Ozai. AOD = After Ozai's Defeat.

Thread Name
Date of Start
KanoeiThe Sparrow and the Wolf CubFebruary 20th, 69 AOD
KanoeiReturn of the UnagiNovember 8th, 79 AOD
YuThe Thoughts of a TigerJanuary 10th, 80 AOD
KanoeiThe MeetingMarch 2nd, 80 AOD
KanoeiThe Challenger to AowakaApril 7th, 80 AOD
PangIt's a con!April 19th, 80 AOD
KanoeiArcher, Avatar, Bender, and BlockerMay 8th, 80 AOD (Morning)
KanoeiParagons of Fire and IceMay 8th, 80 AOD (Night)
KanoeiThe Hunt of the Wolf and the SerpentMay 10th, 80 AOD
YuBar FightsMay 20th, 80 AOD
Gen, AquoiaDiscovering Air and FireMay 25th, 80 AOD
YuSet in RoutineJune 5th, 80 AOD
KanoeiFinding What You Weren't Looking ForSeptember 30th, 80 AOD
PangYou can never have enough friends...October 3rd, 80 AOD
Kanoei, YuShadows of Ba Sing SeOctober 13th, 80 AOD
KanoeiCommuning with the Waterbending WolfOctober 27th, 80 AOD
GenThe Hanging FortressNovember 3rd, 80 AOD
GenTriple ThreatNovember 5th, 80 AOD
Yu, PangThe Omashu BallNovember 12th, 80 AOD
KanoeiThe King's ComradeNovember 28th, 80 AOD
KanoeiTrouble at the docks...December 12th, 80 AOD
KanoeiThe Blue PalaceDecember 14th, 80 AOD
KanoeiRise of the Wolf KingJanuary 2nd, 81 AOD
KanoeiThe Earth Kingdom AmbassadorFebruary 12th, 81 AOD
KanoeiThe Search for Pa LahktiMarch 12th, 81 AOD
YuPath of the Tiger -
Will of the Nightingale
April 18th, 81 AOD
KanoeiThe Wrecked...May 7th, 81 AOD
KanoeiThe FifthJune 1st, 81 AOD
KanoeiLost and FoundJuly 3rd, 81 AOD
KanoeiBurning Bridges in the WindJuly 10th, 81 AOD
KanoeiThe Fire Lord's Flameo ReturnMarch 19th, 83 AOD
KanoeiThe Future of the NorthApril 29th, 83 AOD


Character Name
Thread Tracker
Character Sheet
Gen ZhouLinkLink
General YuLinkLink
Pang Long YenLinkLink


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Posts : 452
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Birthday : 1989-10-02
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Age: 20
Position: Chief of the Northern Water Tribe
Nation: Water Tribes

PostSubject: Re: Kanoei's Storage Box   Fri Jul 06, 2012 7:25 pm

~ It's Members and it's History ~
Founded by Aowaka, the Waterbending Wolf some twelve-hundred years ago, the Aowaka Clan was and remains one of the most powerful waterbending families in the Water Tribes. With extended branches of relation spanning all four nations, the Aowakas are well known. However, regardless of where they live, the Clan Hall of the Aowakas in the Northern Water Tribe is where they call home.

There are some seven-hundred Aowakas alive today. The high family, those who have occupied the Clan Hall since time in memorial, lead them and represent them with the chiefs of the North. When war is called, they answer. Of them, nearly all are waterbenders. The family is known for it's outstanding and powerful benders and has spearheaded many wars in the past.

With the disappearance of Xaal Osiris, the Aowaka Clan was elevated, becoming the First Aowaka Dynasty. While the clan's patriarch is still Hakano, the Wise Wolf, the Chief of the Northern Water Tribe is his grandson, Kanoei.

Notable Members: From oldest to most recent...Lifetime ~
Avatar Aowaka, the Waterbending Wolf:
Enama, the Wolf's Daughter:
Sunomok, the Wolf General:
1289 BOD - 1150 BOD
1231 BOD - 1122 BOD
598 BOD - 527 BOD
Hakano, the Wise Wolf:
-Jisena of the Caldera:
9 BOD - Present
1 BOD - 65 AOD // Wife of Hakano
Hadogo, the Kind Wolf:
Takoei, the Fierce Wolf:
-Suna of Kyoshi:
Koda, the Keen Wolf:
28 - Present // Son of Hakano
28 AOD - Present // Son of Hakano
29 AOD - Present // Wife of Takoei
30 AOD - Present // Daughter of Hakano
Nakkoa, the Wolf's Fang:
Kanoei, the Wolf King:
Suki, the Earth Wolf:
58 AOD - Present // Daughter of Koda
60 AOD - Present // Son of Takoei
75 AOD - Present // Daughter of Takoei


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Posts : 452
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Birthday : 1989-10-02
Join date : 2012-05-16
Age : 28
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Character Description
Age: 20
Position: Chief of the Northern Water Tribe
Nation: Water Tribes

PostSubject: Re: Kanoei's Storage Box   Sun Jul 08, 2012 6:54 pm

Established by the Water Avatar Aowaka some twelve-hundred years ago shortly after the founding of the Northern Water Tribe in the North Pole and opened to the waterbenders outside the Aowaka family some fifty years ago, the Aowaka School teaches the Aowaka Style created by Avatar Aowaka himself. The Aowaka School is one of the world's premier bending schools and currently the only one in the Northern Water Tribe.

Master Tako
Instructor Kiluk
Instructor Katona
Instructor Sokata
Instructor La Tao
Instructor Koro
Champion Kanoei
Senior Yasu
Senior Senk
Senior Kodo
Senior Kina
Novice Tonu
Novice Paila
45+ Others
Lady Suna
Lady Suki
Old Man Chu
15+ Servants
5-10 Visitors
The building which is now known as the Aowaka School was originally built to house the many lesser and unmarried members of the Aowaka Clan. It was a stronghold of the Northern Water Tribe military, whose officers were trained and honored in the building's halls for centuries. The building's layout has changed much since that time. Its large drinking hall and it's spartan accommodations meant to provide for the needs of soldiers has since been transformed into individualized quarters for dozens of waterbending students.

The building faces east and resides at the western-most end of the city, at the end of the Avenue of the Wolves, the main street of the Waterbenders' Quarter. It is an imposing structure which stands taller than most every other structure in the Northern Water Tribe with the obvious exception of the Chief's Palace and the Towers of the Wall. The proper of the building rests atop a three-tiered foundation which is carved with pillars and wolves. It has a large decorative face on it's southern side adorned with a massive seal of the Aowaka Clan. This face is a facade and encases a massive shield made from solid stone. It was an upgrade made to the building after the Fire Nation attack eighty years ago destroyed much of the building.

There are two accesses to the building -- the front staircase which leads down onto the avenue from the front doors and the boathouse gates which leads out onto the canals.

Sub-Floor Three:The Boathouse: An indoor marina with docks for six canal boats. An indoor marina with docks for six canal boats. The roof of the boathouse extends upward into Sub-Floor Two.

The Wine Cellar: The storage room for the grandmasters' private reserves. There is wine from every corner of the world stored in the wine cellar.

Sub-Floor Two:The Vault: Embedded into the ice of the structure, the vault is a Fire Nation made metal construct sealed by a door powerful enough to withstand a blast which would destroy half the city. Inside are kept the most secret and valuable possessions of the Aowaka Clan, legendary weapons and jewels worth enough gold to buy the Northern Water Tribe several times over. Some of the things housed in the vault were entrusted to the clan's stewardship by former chiefs of the tribe.

The Armory: A store-room holding hundreds of weapons and suits of Water Tribe armor. It is one of several caches located throughout the Northern Water Tribe.

Sub-Floor One:The Goods Storehouse: The first sub-floor beneath the Training Floor is entirely a store house for food and ingredients. Fuel for the fires is also kept here as well as spare furs, fabrics, and other materials.

Training Floor:
1: Dining Hall
2: Kitchen
3: The Barracks
4: Training Hall
5: Outdoor training area -- Larger than indicated on map
The Dining Hall: A cozy room adorned with fine furs and housing a large fireplace. Stews are often left to simmer over the fire in large cauldrons and pots. A low, long table runs the length of the room.

The Kitchens: Half store-room, half cooking area, the kitchens are one of the busier places in the school. Under the watchful eye of Lady Suna, wife of Master Tako, all of the meals are prepared for the students and guests here.

The Lesser Barracks: Home to the more junior boarding students, the so-called lesser barracks are a series of one-dozen rooms feeding off of two different halls. Each one serves as quarters to two or more students.

The Training Areas: The training areas of the school are the main practice areas for the students. The Training Hall is an indoor space designed to accommodate any conceivable challenge to the school by visiting benders and also to provide plentiful sources of water for all the students going about their day to day training. Chief amongst these water sources is the Fountain of the Waterbending Wolf which stands in the hall's center. There is also a large outdoor area fed by a pair of falls which cascade down from an aqueduct which runs along the top of the first floor.

The Champion's Floor:The Champion's Quarters: The room of the standing champion of the school, he student considered to be the most skilled by virtue of a victory against every other student in the school in a duel.

The Master's Study: The office and private library of the master of the Aowaka School. It is well furnished and holds some of the rarest bending scrolls in the world.

The Library: One of the most expansive collections of bending literature in the world. There are volumes on everything from art to philosophy to politics as well. In addition, the library houses a respectable collection of novels. The library is cared for by Instructor Kiluk.

The Greater Barracks: Like the lesser barracks, the greater barracks are arrayed along tributary halls branching off from the main hall on the floor. However, unlike the lesser barracks, these rooms are for individual students. Only the advanced boarding students are housed in the greater barracks.

The Master's Floor:The Master's Quarters: The private quarters of the master of the Aowaka School and his or her spouse. It is currently occupied by Master Tako and his wife, Lady Suna.

The Superior Barracks: The living quarters of the instructors and the immediate family of the school's master. Guest quarters can also be found here.

The Moon Terrace: A large terrace which looks out upon the city, the Moon Terrace was said to have been the place where Avatar Aowaka ascended into the heavens to join the moon as it's eternal guardian. All legends aside, it boasts one of the single most fantastic views of the North.
The school does extend outward beyond it's icy walls. Behind the structure resides outhouses and a natural hot-spring, distantly separated, of course. There is also a small garden tended by Lady Suna and her daughter, Suki.


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Kanoei's Storage Box
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