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 The Case of the Missing Chatbox

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PostSubject: The Case of the Missing Chatbox   Wed May 23, 2012 2:14 am

those who were on late at night might have noticed the chatbox's sudden and mysterious disappearance from the forums. While I am personally not sure what happenes, I do not think I have any way to fix it, and so until then, you can find the link at or in my sig.

this is not some sort of power-struggle or anything, just a quick way to jump to a better chatbox than the one we have, so we can resume our day-to-day chatting and such.

(if this is in violation of forum rules of any kind, Liao, please let me know)

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PostSubject: Re: The Case of the Missing Chatbox   Wed May 23, 2012 9:21 am

In regards to the so called missing chatbox, count it as a favor as I remodel certain aspects of it. It'll replace the current chat box area and administrators and appointed moderators cannot be banned. To those who were here last night, you know what you did and I don't have to explain it. Since unilateral action was taken last night on part of those who administrate the website, it is justifiable that in this period of transfer and remodeling we remain vigilant and composed regardless of certain obstacles. The module responsible for the chatango chat was removed and will be reinstated, cause for worry should be taken up in a private message addressed to me.

Further discussion on the topic will be limited and restricted, use the link provided by Zulera in the mean time to access the chat if you so wish.

The chat box located on the top of the forum page will always be available.

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The Case of the Missing Chatbox
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