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 Official Hiatus.

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Kuki Ken
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PostSubject: Official Hiatus.   Fri May 18, 2012 9:54 pm

To all those that I somehow wronged,

I am sorry. I already told a select few, but all of my character being deleted, stripped down, and re-imagined. No matter how much it may kill me to do it, and how much it goes against everything I learned when roleplaying, I feel that it is my duty to fit to the characters to the site. As a result, Kuki (while also undergoing a name change) will be severely cut to the point of weakness, Korri will no longer have the analytical skills required from 20 years of psychiatry, and Yumi will just be an ordinary teenager reeling from years of brutal slavery. It's going to be weeks or months before I can get even one proper character up, so please, bare with me. If I never do get another character up, well ... that's my own fault. That just means that I couldn't revision the character from what I originally had, which is my own shortcoming in my writing skill. Thank you, all, for dealing with me.

With the most sincerest of apologies,

Kuki Ken~
Korri Harabadou~
Yumi Ai Yamato~

A desire to win is not enough. You must have heart, and you must have skill. Determination without skill is useless. Skill without determination is wasteful. To win hearts or to win battles, it is no different. The Kunoichi must always be have the desire to conquer or win, or she shall fall. Remember that, young disciple~


Rai Ten, to a young Kuki Ken
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Official Hiatus.
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