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 Taken (Open to 1 more person )

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Taken (Open to 1 more person ) Empty
PostSubject: Taken (Open to 1 more person )   Taken (Open to 1 more person ) EmptySun Apr 15, 2012 2:05 am

Character Box:

Luli Jing Zhao

Open To: Everyone
Characters Appearing: N/A
Summary: A serial killer is on the loose and Luli is paid to find the person before it commits anymore crimes and solve the mystery of The Taken.

For several weeks a small village of people were in peril from a mysterious killer who's main game were small children and women. The bodies were never seen, however, but the blood stained rooms gave a huge clue that things didn't end on a light note. It left the village dreading the time out of safety, cringing in their sleeps, and facing death in their dreams. Of course the men would try their hardest to protect their family but no matter their efforts this mysterious killer invaded these people's homes and took the lives that lived in them. The thought creeped Luli out when she had first gotten the request for finding and capturing the person responsible, she wasn't completely fearless you know. Luli, however, wasn't going to turn down such an offer and had gone off in high hopes of finding the killer that day. Luckily the client had some ripped clothing that he had found on the day of the disappearance of his daughter and wife and had given it to Luli to use as a tracking smell for her shirshu Xiaobo. In no time they were riding full force to were the source could be, which was becoming deep in the forest.

Day turned into evening, the sky changed into beautiful shades of orange and the forest went silent as the bounty hunter and her companion weaved through trees and bushes. Xiaobo came to an abrupt halt his head pointed to a nearby waterfall. It wasnt at all big, in fact it seemed small enough to not have concealed much but if Xiaobo said the scent was in there Luli had no reason to doubt that she has arrived at her destination. She got her whip, powders, and her needles ready then quietly walked into the small lake.

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Taken (Open to 1 more person )
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