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 Outside The Palace. 3:36 in the morning.

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PostSubject: Outside The Palace. 3:36 in the morning.   Wed Feb 22, 2012 6:02 pm

It was a dark and quiet. Kato snuck through the palace. Being a slave to the chief he had no right to leave his side. So he had to pray he would not be seen.

It took him nearly ten minutes just to make his way out of the palace. But the relief he felt was much worth it. His poser stood under a crystallized light source, his face was covered and he was dressed in black.

"Hello Kato." the poser muttered. "How is it on the inside?"
"It's good.." Kato lied. "-But the chief is nothing great, he's passive, lazy and dumb. I hate being at his side, he speaks of nothing of any interests to our cause and is not intelligent enough to be corrupted. I've tried planting seeds into his psych, but he doesnt pick them up! I doubt he trusts me because he speaks in secret when talking to his men. I'm going crazy - I want to run my men! My women! I want to run my cause and inspire my people!"
"You know that cannot be done. Your barely a man and though I have donated myself to your cause I fear that some may not if they discover your true age."

Kato felt a great anger, he was not a boy- he was nineteen, and what he was doing what the work of great men! It was better that he stay from the spot light- but when he started his revolution, no- his empire- he wanted to be the leader, he wanted the recognition! he didnt want his poser to have it- his past waterbending master! Yes, his past waterbending master was assuming his place as the leader of the Table.

"How are my people, poser?"

"They're great. We have broken our ranks into three titles, the original eighty members are now known as Elite Tablesmen, I- or rather you, have taken the title as Emperor and our followers - who are mainly none benders - are known as Li's children. And the number of Li's children rise daily, we easily have thousands. For every arrest in the name of the Osiris Law we gain dozens of followers- we offer protection from the law. Also we have gained a high number of bending masters and scientist who want to find a way to undo the blockage that prevents bending, weather it be spiritual or written in dna we are coming near to finding results on how to ensure bending purity in our future Empire."

"Excellent. I don't think we have much longer to keep this a secret. With every new member we come closer to getting discovered. We have to get more- more numbers. We have to pose an enormous threat- and though you have achieved much in my absence- we need more. We need- we need .. The Avatar. Let the avatar find out about us- rather beg her to, throw it at her face if we must- tell her who I am- who i really am, and tell her to find me and speak to me. The day after I am found out by the avatar I want you to round up every single one of our members- weather I am in shackles or dead- we invade the palace then! We will have control- we will have power!"

The poser bowed respectfully. "[Also, my emperor.] Those water benders- from the Earth Kingdom that you requested we met with- they too have joined our Empire. Do not fear for our numbers- let the Chief fear."

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Outside The Palace. 3:36 in the morning.
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