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 To her highness, Meili

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PostSubject: To her highness, Meili   Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:29 pm

Dear Earth Queen Meili,

Good day to you, madam. If you recall, I told you I was suspecting certain shadows not long ago...remember? When we were in Omashu. Right now I am all the way in the Northern Water Tribe, I took a warship and I was welcomed for being a waterbender.

I have uncovered some information that may be of your interest. During the crowning of the new chief, I watched carefully. If my observations are correct, I would have reason to assume that the supposed Avatar, Zulera has landed in the North and is attempting to blend-in. I have come up with a few assumptions:
1. She is responsible for the disappearance of the previous Northern Chief. Considering my past observations of her "artwork"
2. She is in the Northern Tribe illegally and hopes to accomplish something.
3. She has connection with a secret organization that I have also been observing.
However, it is too early to look furthur into any of my assumptions, I will get back to you when I find some more stuff.

And assumption number 3 brings me to my next concern. I have been watching a few people who I have realized have been attending the same places. Apparently, their leader is a man named Katoraka. He appears to be old in age. I have reason to believe this organization is planning a Usurp over the Northern tribe.

Once again, I will get back to you if I find anything else.

With loyalty,
Commander Star

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PostSubject: Re: To her highness, Meili   Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:34 pm

To Commander Star...

I thank you for this passing on of information. It will be beneficial to me and the Earth Kingdom.

At the moment I do not intend to take action simply because it is not on Earth Kingdom soil and therefore is not our affair to meddle in. However, should you cross paths with Zulera, I would advise you to be careful, as I have met with her before. I allowed her to reside at Kyoshi Island, where she lives nearly in solitude, but also so we may keep a watch over her through various means if necessary. Hopefully she will not turn hostile, but if she does, then it will be back to defending the Earth Kingdom at any costs.

utmost regards,
=Meili Mitali Zalika=

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To her highness, Meili
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