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 The Table Of Lo

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PostSubject: The Table Of Lo   Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:04 pm

A few days after the new chief is declared publicly ..

In a small secluded temple far outside of the city's boarders is a meeting of socialites. At least 80 wealthy men and woman sit along each other, some owner of businesses, some royal thieves but most are educated streets-men who run and influence the nation with there connections and limitless supply of money.
At the head of table is an old peasant man posing as ring leader Kataroka. Who is actually watches idly aside the table posing as a guard to the event. The peasant hold a large stack of paper with the words of the true Kataroka.
"Welcome." The actor greets. "I am Kataroka. And I have summoned you all for the same reason." The eyes of the socialites flicker to one another, they are confused and anxious. "You are all of social greatness. You all have the ability to sliver past the rules of this nation. It's a great skill to bend and twirk the rules to get your way." A number of thief lords appear nervous, they fear that this may end up being a plot to bring them to justice. "I assure you, this is not at all a negative, rather I wish for us to unite, and unite the people who follow us, so that we may become the rulers, it will be us who passively control our governments. Similar to that of the past Di Li, we will have power, we will control Chief Xaal Osiris, we will take the city, we will become .. The Table of Lo

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The Table Of Lo
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