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PostSubject: Quest    Quest  EmptyTue Jan 24, 2012 10:49 pm

A blaze of inferno spread wildly across the main deck, spiraling into a single point. A man promptly emerged, guarding his body through the flames with a balled leap, forearms tucked outward. His feet touched the ground mere inches from his opponent, immediately dropping to the surface sweeping his right leg across it bringing the advisory crashing on his back. “ARRRGGHH!” Charged another from the rear, still in a lowered stance Murai smirked. Curving his waist and raising just within the foe’s wingspan where a blast of fire inched across the lieutenants left ear. He grabbed the man’s armor charging, and releasing a powerful combustion blast into the air. “Next time, don’t yell before charging in.” He released the Fire Nation officer, dropping him on his rear. “Of course-- I could hear that armor coming from a mile away.” He grinned turning toward the other man who seemed afraid to say the least. “I suppose this match is over then.” A female officer approached with a towel and refreshment, he helped himself to both “How much longer until our destination?” -- “Just 5 kilometers Lieutenant T--” Also helping himself to a firm kiss on the her lips. Literally caught off guard nearly a minute passed before it registered to her she could pull herself free. “Well that was refreshing, shall we spar again men?” Still in a daze the officers looked toward one another to find a worthy excuse. “Uh-I think it’s my turn to man the ship.” -- “And I really have to go pee.” The other responded, both running off in a hurry. “I was only kidding,” Murai sighed.
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