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 To Earth Queen Meili

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Tei Kaze
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PostSubject: To Earth Queen Meili   Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:22 pm

A Response from the Eastern Air Council:

The Council has deliberated much for many long hours and we have come to a decision in regards to your offer. The Airbenders are a traditional people, and strangely we do not change nearly as much as the wind. We are free spirits, but we enjoy keeping the ways our ancestors strong, much like the winds over the seas continue in the same pattern day after day, keeping the cycle beaten in the by the winds before them. It is because of this, that a majority of our people remain pacifist even after obvious needs for defense. While this may seem like a reason not to accept help, we have interpreted this differently. Because many of us are unable to defend ourselves due to our beliefs we would gladly accept defense provided by the Earth Kingdom. We would of course provide shelter and food for any soldiers who you send our way. The Eastern Air Temple is perhaps the least likely place to come under attack because of distance, but we would enjoy a standing army to provide us with a sense of security.

We thank you for your generous offer,
The Eastern Council of Three
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PostSubject: Re: To Earth Queen Meili   Thu Jan 12, 2012 1:54 am

[Meili's response:]

The Earth Kingdom appreciates the offer, and will respect the desires of the pacifist Air Nomads among you. If, by chance, there are those who wish to fight, their aid would be much appreciated, but know that neither I nor any of my agents will force anyone into any combat that they do not desire. Know that I do not wish for war any more than you do, and I apologize in behalf of the Earth Kingdom for the actions of my predecessor for provoking the Water Tribes and the Fire Nation to come against us.
As a result, I understand the importance of protecting my kingdom as well as allies of my kingdom. Send me word of where would would like my defenses stationed, and how many, within reason, you would like in each region, and I will begin deploying them immediately. Any and all aid in the form of resources, information, or benders willing to fight, would be much appreciated, and your people will be sufficiently provided with enough troops to fend against a reasonably-sized attack, should one strike.

With many thanks from myself as well as the Earth Kingdom,
=Meili Mitalki Zalika, 55th Earth Queen=

Meili--Forum Admin [AKA Zul]
"Everything I do, I do for my people. Know this, and know that the Earth Kingdom will never fall as long as its people remain loyal to their nation." I do not fear your threats; I am Meili Mitali Zalika.
Meili Mitali Zalika--55th Earth Queen
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PostSubject: Re: To Earth Queen Meili   Tue Jan 17, 2012 5:03 pm

A Response from the Southern Air Council:

The Council has come to the very brief conclusion that, while we are protected by the natural formation of the mountain our Temple rests upon we are still in danger from those willing to traverse our rocky landscape or even attack from the shore itself. It's with great respect that we gratefully accept your offer of Defense on part of the Earth Kingdom and will gladly correspond on any matters that need our influence. As a more prevalent request is that no Earth Kingdom forces come to the Temple itself but remain around the mountain itself or on the shoreline. The reason for this is not only do we not want to alarm the other residences of the Southern Air Temple but any attempt to put forces at our altitude will be a challenge and waste of resources on both sides, instead we will have a select few airbenders keep watch to ensure there are no intruders in the event that they slip by your highly keen forces. Though we would normally view this as unneeded protection we've come to realize that we are not only in between the Norther and Southern Water Tribes but only a few days away from the Fire Nation as well. We welcome your protection and wish you swift winds and safe travel.

The Southern Council of Three

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PostSubject: Re: To Earth Queen Meili   

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To Earth Queen Meili
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