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 Home Once Again

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Tei Kaze
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Tei Kaze

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PostSubject: Home Once Again   Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:38 pm

Tei Kaze

The transportation Tei had used was quick, and he got home much swifter than he had anticipated. It was strange being back in the Eastern Air Temple, it was much more routine and monotonous than he'd remembered. The daily proceedings were boring, and Air Council meetings had little to nothing to discuss. Tei found his only solace in training, he was quite the master, but a good battle was exciting no matter what. Unfortunately, he easily wiped away most of the competition, and his joy was quickly dashed, the short battles hardly wetting Tei's thirst for entertainment. Maybe someone would come and rescue him from the daily routine, right now Tei felt like he just might go insane.

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Home Once Again
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