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 To Chieftess Kyoko: Status Update

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PostSubject: To Chieftess Kyoko: Status Update   Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:57 pm

Karnok attached his letter to the leg of the ship's snowy leopard-owl, and pointed in the direction of the North Pole. The creature understood and flew off to the Chieftess, carrying the letter that said:

Chieftess Kyoko,

I am writing to tell you that our escort of the Trading Ship to the South Pole went smoothly as planned. We ran into an unfortunate find on the way back, however. We came across Chief Minoru as he was floating unconscious in the water after his private vessel was hit by lightning. I was able to address his major wounds as well as revive him.

After he regained consciousness, the Chief did not wish to return to his home, nor accompany us back to the North Pole due to his desire to see the world. We therefore are taking him to the Fire Nation Capitol because it was both not too far out of our way and Fire Lord Novai has been friendly to the Water Tribes. We should arrive in the Capitol City by this evening, and I plan to dock here for the night so that the crew may be able to rest and relax for the evening after the long journey we have had. The Trading Vessel we were accompanying should be returning to the North Pole tomorrow on schedule as I sent it ahead with several men from my unit to protect them. They will report directly to you for their next assignment until the rest of the unit returns to rejoin them.

I will remain with Chief Minoru as I await your next orders.

Very Respectfully,
General Karnok

Karnok Werrtak
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To Chieftess Kyoko: Status Update
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