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 The Earth King's Palace

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PostSubject: The Earth King's Palace   Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:09 am

Earth King Axel paced his private quarters. Things were going as planned. Just a glance out the window showed him the massive Earth Kingdom's armies forming, slowly but steadily. He could hear the brisk shouts of officers, and the thunder of marching footsteps. Soon, very soon, his perfect world would be realized. Only a few of his most trusted officers knew the full extent of his plans. Except... Tyren. That name haunted him. He had trusted Tyren, and Tyren had broken that trust. Now, no doubt, he was on his way to try to tell the other nations. Or would he go straight to the Avatar? Axel thought. But Tyren didn't know where the Avatar was, or even who he was, did he? He couldn't go anywhere, not with the Earth Kingdom's most elite legions searching for him, could he?

Suddenly a knock sounded through the room. Axel composed himself and said "Come in." A timid messenger scampered in, bowed, handed him a scroll, and left. Axel opened it and read quickly. When he had finished, he called for his guards, who came thundering in. "Prepare the royal carriage." He said "We're leaving for Chin Village."
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The Earth King's Palace
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